Ex-Warner Music VP Thomas Heymann to head ‘largest music streaming site’ Deezer

Ex-Warner Music executive Thomas Heymann has been appointed to head up new music streaming site, Deezer in Australian and New Zealand.

Deezer, which claims to be the world’s largest music streaming site, launched in Australia in April.

Heymann, formerly vice president of strategic marketing for Warner Music Australia will grow the site’s catalogue of local artists.

Axel Dauchez, CEO for Deezer said: “Australia and New Zealand are absolutely key for us considering their awesome musical heritage. We are lucky to welcome Thomas’ energy and talent in our adventure. He will work closely together with local artists, the majors and the independent labels and our other partners in order to develop, encourage and support music creation in a sustainable way.”

Deezer has a catalogue of 80m tracks, and will compete with the likes of Rdio, Spotify, Songl and MOG.


  1. rebekah horne
    1 Aug 12
    2:14 pm

  2. congratulations Thomas – bringing the germans and the french together!

  3. Dec
    1 Aug 12
    2:54 pm

  4. Watch out for a campaign on Rammstein kids!

  5. Dec
    1 Aug 12
    2:54 pm

  6. ps. Congratulations Thomas!

  7. Dave
    1 Aug 12
    5:02 pm

  8. Great work Thomas!

  9. Guillaume Crisafulli
    3 Aug 12
    12:19 am

  10. Congratulations Thomas. Deezer has 18M tracks and counting !