Expedia explores New York on $50

Expedia has launched a 90 second online documentary examining how to make $50 stretch in New York as part of a campaign created by BMF.

The campaign is to promote the travel site’s policy of not charging flight booking fees which it says competitors sometimes use as a means of loading on an additional $50 charge.  

Louise Crompton, marketing manager for Expedia, said: “We want to educate consumers, get them to think twice about where theyʼre booking their flights. And for them to realise that there really is a better option.”

Shane Bradnick, creative director at BMF said: “By taking our audience on a travelling adventure, weʼre able to truly demonstrate the value of saving the flight-booking fee. And then show just how far $50 can really go – even in a place like New York.”

As well as two 90 second online documentaries, the campaign is backed by a 30 second TV ad, print and outdoor.


  • Creative Agency: BMF
  • Directors: Craig Melville & Al Morrow
  • Production & Post Production: The Jungle Boys
  • Media Planning and Buying: Mitchell & Partners
  • Client: Expedia


  1. Tim Bennett
    14 Mar 11
    1:53 pm

  2. Great tone and really smart. Making a mental note to check out Expedia next time I’m booking flights.

  3. Wanda
    14 Mar 11
    2:59 pm

  4. Nice idea. Me likey.

  5. Logic
    14 Mar 11
    9:35 pm

  6. like it. really like it.

  7. Fleur
    15 Mar 11
    1:15 am

  8. What a great idea – I’m booking with Expedia next time.

  9. fredwest
    15 Mar 11
    9:16 am

  10. Nice idea and concept, I’ve seen this format in Getaway TV show. None the less well done.

    My only concern with this ad is the element of fact and truth of it:

    He arrives in a cab ( New york cab is are super expensive, at the cost of $ 75.80 dollars)

    I assume he will be also using the metro underground (he would never walk with his backpack) at the cost of a Single Ride ticket of $2.50 each way, an extra $10 dollars. That mean even without the taxi you have gone over budget by $10.

    For the budget concession of us maybe next time it would pay if someone had calculated the actual cost and not just the some of the elements

  11. Lloyd
    16 Mar 11
    11:31 am

  12. fredwest – I think your missing the point. This is showing the extra stuff you can do with $50 in your sky rocket…

  13. Logic
    16 Mar 11
    1:28 pm

  14. fredwest – an NYC cab from JFK to downtown wasn’t $78 last time I checked (in October 2010). It is close to $50 however.

  15. jess
    17 Mar 11
    6:32 pm

  16. anyone know what this song is called??

  17. ally
    27 Mar 11
    6:03 pm

  18. whats this song? I wana know too!