Former JWT Australia boss Noel Magnus leaves Cowan Design after three months

Magnus: 'restructured himself out of a job'

Noel Magnus, the former Australian boss of ad agency JWT, has left design agency Cowan after a three-month stint as global chief operating officer.

Magnus told Mumbrella that he structured himself out of the COO role as part of a plan he instigated soon after joining the company.

Cowan declined to comment on his exit.

Magnus left JWT in July 2010 to be replaced by current Australia CEO John Gutteridge.

Magnus said he was about to accept “a big role” at another agency soon after leaving JWT before he suffered a recreational accident.

After 12 months of recovery time, Magnus was given the all clear in January this year. He joined Cowan soon after.

Magnus’s career has included spells at Leo Burnett, where he was director of communication, M&C Saatchi, where he was head of account management, managing partner at Mojo and MD at DraftFCB before joining JWT.

He is currently looking for another role.


  1. fleshpeddler
    30 Aug 12
    6:04 pm

  2. what a truly selfless man…’restructuring’ himself out of his first job in two years during his probation period

  3. Jack B. Nimble
    31 Aug 12
    3:21 pm

  4. Yes, does anybody really believe this, or more to the point are we expected to believe it? Magnus joined the company and then he himself streamlined it to get rid of his own role. LOL!

  5. Noel Magnus
    31 Aug 12
    6:21 pm

  6. I don’t usually respond to the drivel one reads in the Comments Section of the various marketing sites – but on this occasion I will.

    Just to set you two spineless wonders straight.

    The article as written is correct.

    It was my first role back in the industry after an extremely serious accident.

    I accepted the role with a very clear mandate to restructure the global operation – and set it up for its next phase of growth.

    I did just that – and as one of the many structural decisions I made, determined that a Global COO was not required moving forward.

    It was a mutually beneficial time.

    The business has a revised, efficient and profitable structure – and I know that I have fully recovered and am able to perform at the highest level again.

    I trust you now understand the reality.

    Noel Magnus

  7. Hitman
    31 Aug 12
    10:47 pm

  8. Does anyone actually believe this spin? Out of work for two years, lands a job and “voluntarily” gives it up after 3 months and now looking again……….. ? No one would be stupid enough to believe this…..?