GetUp campaign pushes pro-pokie legislation message

Left-leaning public issues group GetUp has launched an ad campaign aimed at counterbalancing Clubs Australia’s “It’s UnAustralian”anti pokie legislation campaign.

The ad makes the point that despite the argument that cash from members’ gambling is reinvested in the community, it is a small proportion of the money.  

The ad comes shortly after GetUp’s latest salvo in the debate on the planned carbon tax which also sees well funded lobby groups campaigning against.


  1. Sylvia
    10 Oct 11
    1:23 pm

  2. “Supporting the weak to keep our clubs strong”… hahaha love it!

  3. Sylvia
    10 Oct 11
    1:26 pm

  4. whoops – the words were “EXPLOITING the weak to keep our clubs strong”.. even better!

  5. John Grono
    10 Oct 11
    2:38 pm

  6. I had an interesting conversation on the weekend with a neighbour whi works for one of the big four banks. They were analysing ATM usage patterns looking for efficiencies.

    The thing that stood out most for him was patterns of the same card being used at frequent intervals (5-10 minutes apart) for small withdrawals ($20-$50). They could see the pattern and then they stopped. The last transaction was generally an account balance request.

    Yep, you guessed it. These patterns were prevalent for ATMs in pubs and clubs with poker machines. They were correlated to pay day and weekends. Maybe this sort of data should be used as empirical evidence of the damage that can be done by “I’ll just get another $20 and win it back”.

  7. Bucks
    10 Oct 11
    3:07 pm

  8. “Left-leaning public issues group GetUp”. Lets call a spade a spade, they are a Left wing group, not a left leaning group.

    Saying they are ‘left leaning’ is like saying Andrew Bolt occasionally sides with the right.

    Apologies, that it’s not exactly on topic, (political/social cadvert commenting on pokie reforms) but caught my eye and had to point it out. Not saying it’s a good or bad thing, it’s just what they are.

  9. Bucks
    10 Oct 11
    3:08 pm

  10. sorry “cadvert” = “advert” of course!

  11. Sylvia
    10 Oct 11
    5:09 pm

  12. Bucks – Also not on topic, I think it’s the politicians who make any issue left or right wing.
    Why does an attempt to reduce the pain caused by an addiction have to be left wing? … unless it’s because ‘lefties’ put community health before business?