Harry Kewell brand ambassador for Jeep

Aussie soccer player Harry Kewell has become a brand ambassador for Jeep as he strives for a chance at an Australian A League title with Melbourne Heart.

The deal will see Kewell represent Jeep over the next three years. It follows his signing of a 12-month contract to play with Melbourne Heart FC.

A 30 second television commercial created by CumminsRoss launched last night is shot in black and white and shows Kewell being driven from the airport to a hotel in the back of a new 2014 Jeep Cherokee before a game.  The midfielder says he has had highs and lows in his career, but setbacks are only the hands on your back pushing you forward. The ad closes with the tagline, ‘Don’t Hold Back’.

“Harry Kewell and Jeep are a perfect fit as both the player and the auto manufacturer ‘Don’t hold back’ to achieve their goals. Harry will have the chance to prove he still has what it takes to win as he joins the Melbourne Heart on July 2,” the Jeep website’s ‘I heart Harry’ blog states.

“Harry Kewell is a Jeep Ambassador for good reason. His constant striving towards goals and his hard working attitude mirror the best qualities of the Jeep brand.

“Like Jeep, Harry Kewell has already proven he has the dedication needed to achieve his goals.”

A  clip of behind the scenes footage from the making of the ad is also posted on Jeep’s YouTube channel.


  1. nick williams
    3 Jul 13
    12:09 pm

  2. out of date
    over priced
    injury prone

    yup, a ‘perfect fit’

  3. Archie
    3 Jul 13
    12:43 pm

  4. @nick williams you’re spot on, he’ll fit right in at heart. Maybe they want to sign Richard Kitzbichler or Andy Vlahos too.

  5. Patrick
    3 Jul 13
    12:55 pm

  6. I saw this ad this morning – what a bizarre partnership – whoever approved this deal needs their head read.

  7. matt
    3 Jul 13
    1:53 pm

  8. Will they also shoot Kewell driving a Jeep from Heart to ?

  9. Oli
    3 Jul 13
    2:03 pm


    Harry bought a Jeep.

  11. Bruce
    3 Jul 13
    2:51 pm

  12. he is playing for a $1.50 so he needs some cash from somewhere

  13. SPIN
    3 Jul 13
    3:32 pm

  14. What a bunch of negative so and so’s you are.

  15. Anonymous
    3 Jul 13
    9:24 pm

  16. @patrick

    the highest profile player in one of Australia’s fastest growing sports. how is that a bizarre partnership?

    better than the old naked guy

  17. Hector
    4 Jul 13
    11:01 pm

  18. Victory hate mob… Now that’s on brand! The fact there is even this debate proves it’s significant brand recall. Ladies love it tambien

  19. naff
    8 Jul 13
    3:27 pm


    Jeep bought a Harry.