Holden sponsors ‘most famous sporting club in Australia’ Collingwood

The day after announcing a $10m sponsorship deal with the NRL, Holden has confirmed rumours that it is to sponsor AFL club Collingwood in another multi-million dollar deal.

The carmaker has signed a three-year contract with what is described in a press statement as ‘the biggest and most famous club in Australia’. The company would not reveal the value of the deal, but said it was significantly less than the NRL contract.

Holden boss Mike Devereux said: “Collingwood is the most famous sporting club in the country and we’re thrilled to sponsor Nathan Buckley and his team of coaches, one of Collingwood’s highest profile properties.”

“Our partnership with Collingwood is a natural fit. Both Holden and Collingwood are iconic Australian brands and come from strong foundations enriched in Aussie culture, supported by fans that have a real passion for these brands.

“We have big plans for the future and we’re proud to align ourselves with a club and a game that is committed to innovation and excellence.”

Collingwood’s current sponsors include Emirates, Westpac, CGU and Star Athletic.

Last year, Collingwood drew an average crowd of 60,000 to home matches and on average, 1m people tuned in to watch Collingwood matches on TV each week, according to the press release.

Collingwood CEO Gary Pert added: “The opportunity to combine two iconic Australian brands has endless possibilities. It’s both fitting and a compliment that Holden has chosen to get back in the game with the Collingwood.”


  1. zumabeach
    1 Feb 13
    12:10 pm

  2. There goes any chance I might ever buy a Holden.

  3. Mark
    1 Feb 13
    2:11 pm

  4. South Australian tax payer dollars used to support Hated Victorian Football club. Nice PR Holdens

  5. paul the freelance writer
    1 Feb 13
    2:32 pm

  6. Talking to the converted: Collingwood fans are already vastly over-represented in the HDT apparel stakes; and the opposition fan is hardly likely to warm to Holden when getting thumped – or thumping – the Pies.

  7. John Grono
    1 Feb 13
    3:37 pm

  8. Didn’t the government give GMH ‘bail-out’ money? As a long-term Swans supporter I could not think of a worse way to have some of that taxpayers bail-out money spent!

  9. Lars Ulrich
    1 Feb 13
    3:55 pm

  10. what happened to lexus?

    does that mean eddie will be seen driving a craptiva around toorak?

  11. Jazzhunt
    1 Feb 13
    4:39 pm

  12. Possibly the first time I’ve been proud to drive a Ford.

  13. Alan
    1 Feb 13
    7:17 pm

  14. Face it. Let’s put our allegiances aside and think for a second. If you’re going to go with an AFL football team, you go with Collingwood. Biggest crowds every week. Biggest TV ratings. Loyal fans who’ll buy anything the club tells them about.

    Holden makes much more sense than previous car sponsor, Lexus. And it could make the little difference Holden needs in this current busy car marketplace.

    But I’m still not sure what good Emirates is getting out of their long time sponsorship.