How to didgeridoo PR

APN didgeridoThe battle for PR cut-through may have a new winner.

In the intray this morning, a didgeridoo, complete with the message “What’s long, colourful and hard to miss?”  

The answer, in case you’re wondering, is APN Outdoor’s new billboard, on top of a carpark at Sydney Airport – which the company claims is the largest in Australia.

The 200 metre long site features V Australia as its first, long term, advertiser.

APN Outdoor Sydney Airport


  1. Jen Bishop
    20 Jul 09
    2:04 pm

  2. Meanwhile I get sent random things like jam (which I HATE) and a USB cup warmer with metal mug which heats up so much it burned a colleague’s mouth (sender shall remain anonymous). So unfair. Sulk.

  3. KimberleyL
    20 Jul 09
    2:21 pm

  4. Note to self: do not send Jen Bishop jam or appliances which may cause burns.
    Send flowers on birthday and relevant possibly even useful gifts instead of random promo products.

  5. Kate Kendall
    20 Jul 09
    2:52 pm

  6. Hahaha @ Jen,

    I just get sent the release complete with follow up calls. The USB freebies have stopped – it’s too expensive to send items to Melbourne. 😛

  7. Tara Poole
    20 Jul 09
    3:04 pm

  8. Hey Jen, how strict is the ‘no jam rule’? Does it stretch into preserves? Chutneys? Pickles? How about if we supplied bows and packaging so you could turn them into gifts for friends and family? 😉

  9. Jen Bishop
    20 Jul 09
    3:57 pm

  10. @ Tara Poole
    It only applies to jam. Chutney, pickle, even marmalade, are all fine 😉

  11. Gabrielle
    22 Jul 09
    12:29 pm

  12. the random thing I was sent by PR company that generated large amounts of ‘WHAT THE???” around the office – tiny grey brick with a big ‘F” in the middle. Its meant to a ‘stone’ from Federation Square. they sent it to us to promote the new Behind the Scenes tours. Sending me a brick is NOT going to inspire me to write a story. A press release on its own would have been better. The stupid thing now sits on my desk and it REALLY annoys me.