Tourism Tasmania takes visitors behind the scenery

Tourism Tasmania ad

“Strange treasures await you”

A new campaign for Tourism Tasmania highlights the pubs, art and quirky pieces of Tasmania, rather than the natural wonders of the state.

The interactive campaign, titled “Go Behind the Scenery”, has launched nationally by JimJam Ideas with a 60-second TV spot, social media and print.

It has been rolled out across all free-to-air stations, which direct viewers to a website, where there are six mini documentaries showing off the best Tasmania has to offer for each region, hosted by “John X.”

The website also features 30 itineraries while social media promotes snippets of the island state.

Creative director Andrew Crocker said: “It’s not everyday in advertising where you get to write a campaign without having to exaggerate or distort the truth. With each trip we’ve made down to Tassie it’s confirmed two things: 1, we’re on the right track and 2, how lucky we are to be writing a campaign about the place.”

Tourism Minister Scott Bacon said the campaign was a step away from traditional tourism marketing.

“In a sometimes comic and quirky way, the campaign encourages people who come to Tasmania to get to know more of our state, and travel beyond the major population centres and spend a few nights exploring those fantastic, truly Tasmanian experiences,” he said.

Creative credits:

Agency: JimJam

Creative Directors: Andrew Crocker & Charlie Cook

Account Director: Kate Somerford

Strategic Planner: Tony Gordon

Agency Producer: John Ruggiero

Designers: Patrick Andersson, Jeffrey Oley, Fredrik Liva

Director: Josh Frizell

Producer: Annie Schutt

Production Company: 8 Com


  1. Jay
    26 Mar 13
    2:18 pm

  2. Did anybody else get a Moulin Rouge-y feel about this?

  3. Nick
    26 Mar 13
    2:33 pm

  4. Big tick from me.

    Love the state and this captures it well. I recognise all the reference points and I hope it researches well with the uninitiated.

    Only thing missing: the cherries in January – they are worth the plane ticket alone!

  5. Abe
    26 Mar 13
    2:34 pm

  6. Different, but very cool.

  7. Jacobs Decosta
    26 Mar 13
    3:30 pm

  8. Who is the media agency?

  9. Pete
    26 Mar 13
    4:49 pm

  10. Excellent strategic thinking

  11. Rowena
    26 Mar 13
    4:55 pm

  12. Fantastic – I can’t wait to visit Tasmania later this year. There are so many beautiful things to see!

  13. Mike
    26 Mar 13
    7:32 pm

  14. It is good, but The Welfare State damn well should do a good ad.
    God knows, they cost us enough. For every dollar per head from GST we in the main states get, Tasmanians get $1.53. It’s time they got off their arses and paid their way.

  15. Genevieve
    27 Mar 13
    1:07 pm

  16. Great concept. So good to see Tassie highlighting these other areas on offer, very cool.

  17. Anonymous
    3 Apr 13
    3:56 pm

  18. @Mike – sweeping generalised statements about all Tasmanians say a lot more about you than they do about Tassie people. Haven’t we moved forward from bitching about Tasmanians? It’s an amazing state filled with majority hard-working people. Great ad.

  19. Mike Walker
    4 Apr 13
    6:27 pm

  20. I wonder if there are any farm tours in those 30 itineraries ?

    The cheeses come from milk which needs cows, the beer and the whiskey comes from fermented barley, and the wine from fermented grapes, to state the bleeding obvious. Farmers are some of those hard-working people mentioned by “Anonymous”