Jeep ad hints at AFL drugs scandal, ‘It’s time for the good news stories to be written’

Trent Cotchin in Jeep adRichmond Football Club captain Trent Cotchin is the star of a new ad for club sponsor Jeep to welcome the start of the footy season.

In the ad, created by CumminsRoss and gloomily shot in Melbourne’s Docklands and Richmond at night, Cotchin says that now “it’s time for the good news stories to be written”, hinting at the drugs scandal that rocked Australian sport a few weeks ago.

Sam Tabart, Chrysler’s marketing chief said: “Trent is committed to his team, his fans, the Richmond Football Club and the greater good of the game.”

“We’re all proud to be behind an ad that is a ‘call to arms’ for every footy fan to get behind their team.”


  • Creative Agency: CumminsRoss
  • Production Company: Rabbit Content
  • Post Production: Nice Bike
  • Client: Sam Tabart, Fiat Chrysler Group


  1. Mmm
    25 Mar 13
    10:23 am

  2. This looks more like an ad for the AFL than for cars

  3. muscledude_oz
    25 Mar 13
    11:18 am

  4. I saw that ad a couple of days ago. I couldn’t understand what it was about.

  5. Con
    25 Mar 13
    1:38 pm

  6. A very bad type of advertising is poorly branded short films.

    This one is basically unbranded, which is even worse.

    Punters will have no idea what this is for. What a waste of FIAT’s money.

  7. JG
    25 Mar 13
    1:57 pm

  8. Looks like they held back on branding Jeep in the final cut.

  9. KB
    25 Mar 13
    4:12 pm

  10. Like it. Jeep and CR are doing some nice work. Footy fans will like this and they’ll have positive association with Jeep as a result.

  11. A
    25 Mar 13
    6:05 pm

  12. It evokes the Chrysler-Clint Eastwood advertisement “Half time America”. I do not follow AFL, have no idea about Richmond, but I like it and works for the relationship.

  13. Clare
    25 Mar 13
    7:47 pm

  14. @KB – only those with pre-existing instant recognition of the “dont hold back” slogan would know its a Jeep ad.

    For everyone else, its just a huge lost opportunity to market to them.. what a waste of an ad.

    Nice idea but poorly executed by CR IMHO

  15. shamma
    26 Mar 13
    8:50 am

  16. I think it works well considering Jeep’s involvement in Fox Footy and that the ad will run most likely alongside AFL games. I like it.

  17. Bryan Taylor
    26 Mar 13
    9:27 am

  18. Proves one thing…

    As advertising talent, Trent Cotchin makes an excellent footballer.

    Just look at the other emotional wasteland that is the Richmond membership ad and you can see that:

  19. KB
    26 Mar 13
    11:13 am

  20. @Clare – Your arguement depends on the environment this ad is placed in. If it’s in footy programming or on Fox footy, recognition won’t be an issue due to all their other pre-existing ads and sponsorships. Obviously you’re not a footy fan or a thinker.