JetStar launches Flight of the Comedians

Peter Helliar

Peter Helliar

JetStar is taking an offbeat approach to inflight communications by hiring comedians to perform live during a flight.

The ‘Flight of the Comedians’ stunt will see comics Peter Helliar, Tommy Little and Karl Chandler perform on a flight from Brisbane to Melbourne after the safety procedures have been completed and the seat-belt signs switched of.

The idea is timed to coincide with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, launching on 27 March.

“Jetstar is known for its low fares and good times, and what better time can you have aboard your flight than to be entertained by some of the funniest comedians in Australia,” Jetstar Head of marketing and PR, Liz McCarthy said in a press release.

JetStar has launched a number of sky-high marketing stunts recently, such as a Valentine’s Day which placed 22 RSVP singles next to each other in a form of speed-dating session. The airline held a wedding on a flight from Adelaide to Sydney a few years ago.

JetStar is not the only airline to deploy live inflight entertainment. The air crew of Filipino airline Cebu Pacific have been known to dance during safety demonstrations. This video has been viewed more than 10m times.


  1. Wayne
    26 Mar 13
    1:00 pm

  2. Great idea… And as Jetstar is incapable of taking off within three hours of its scheduled time, should placate the angry passengers….

  3. Comedy Lover
    26 Mar 13
    1:36 pm

  4. How ‘comedian’ and ‘Peter Helliar’ can be uttered in the same sentence, with out “is not a”, is beyond me? Admittedly he is far funnier than Rove…

    Unless a real comedian was on my flight then no thanks and I will have to continue to fly Virgin…

  5. Lynne
    26 Mar 13
    1:57 pm

  6. another idea that’s been done before

  7. i got a joke
    26 Mar 13
    2:20 pm

  8. Jetstar!


  9. Deja Vu
    26 Mar 13
    2:45 pm

  10. Such a great idea they’ve done it two years before….

  11. Pascoe
    26 Mar 13
    3:27 pm

  12. From an effectiveness point of view, what does it matter that it’s been done before?

    Admittedly, it might mean an idea doesn’t warrant fawning over in trade press if it’s been done before, but it’s not going to effect (positively or negatively) the comms goal of the activity.

  13. Bem
    26 Mar 13
    3:32 pm

  14. Nice idea, but what happens if you don’t like the “comedian” that’s performing? It’s not like you can turn them off…

  15. Jerry S
    26 Mar 13
    5:01 pm

  16. Great to see Jetstar taking the next step forward in their campaign to create a tense, uncomfortable atmosphere on every single flight. Buckle up.

  17. Tony
    26 Mar 13
    7:13 pm

  18. @Comedy Lover you absolutely beat me to it!

    PLEASE, will someone please post a youtube link for us to see Peter Helliar saying or doing something funny?

    Sorry to be a troll, but i just HAD to comment !!

  19. Where'd they get the name?
    28 Mar 13
    12:35 pm

  20. Couldn’t afford flight of the conchords?

  21. Ericka
    28 Mar 13
    2:38 pm

  22. As someone that was on the Flight of the Comedians, let me just say it was a fantastic flight everyone on the plane loved the comedians (Peter Helliar, Tommy Little and Karl Chandler)…it was so much fun. The guys did their routine and interacted with passengers before and during the flight. I would love to be on one of these flights again. Thank you to the comedians from MICF and Jetstar.