Just 669,000 viewers for debut of The Bachelor

the bachelor logoThe debut of Ten’s dating contest The Bachelor was a disappointing 669,000 metro viewers on Sunday night, with the show fourth behind Seven’s The X Factor, Nine’s 60 Minutes and ABC News, according to preliminary overnight  ratings from ozTAM.

The show was 11th for the night in all people.

However, it did do slightly better in Ten’s target audience of 25-54, where it was seventh for the night although still behind The X Factor and 60 Minutes.

Ten has put significant efforts into promoting the show, which was the centrepiece of the network’s mid season relaunch two months ago.

A spokesman for Ten said this morning: “The first-night numbers for The Bachelor were in line with our expectations. Typically, overseas versions of this show have built over time.”

Ten also pointed out that the audience for the show grew throughout the episode, rising to 730,000 for its final quarter hour and peaking at 875,000.

And the network said the show was number one in its timeslot Sydney among women 16-39 and in Melbourne among women 18-49.

Meanwhile, Nine’s latest instalment of the Kerry Packer saga Power Games: The Packer Murdoch Story was down on previous outings. The story of the two media families’ battles to control the Sydney newspaper market rated 793,000, eighth for the night.

The most watched programme of Sunday was Seven News which rated 1.584m, just ahead of Seven’s The X factor which rated 1.556m. The X Factor was top in 25-54.

Nine’s Australia’s Got Talent averaged 1.113m.

Earlier in the day, Seven’s Weekend Sunrise had an unusually strong result of 418,000 viewers, the 17th most watched show of the day and 13th in 25-54. Weekend Today rated 291,000.

Seven’s AFL finals coverage rated strongly in Melbourne, where the  Richmond versus Carlton game rated 513,000. The game pulled in a further 119,000 Adelaide and 137,000 Perth viewers for Seven.

Seven won Sunday evening with a share of 27.9 per cent share of the free to air audience, well ahead of Nine’s 20.5 per cent. ABC1 averaged 11.5 per cent while Ten averaged 10.5 per cent.

Sunday’s top 15 shows:

Seven News Seven 1.584m

2. The X Factor Live – Performance Seven 1.556m

3. Nine News Nine 1.339m

4. Australia’s Got Talent Nine 1.113m

5. Sunday Night Seven 1.081m

6. 60 Minutes Nine 1.072m

7. ABC News ABC 0.812m

8. Power Games – The Packer Murdoch Story Nine 0.793m

9. AFL on Seven Seven 0.769m

10. Grand Designs ABC 0.722m

11. The Bachelor Ten 0.669m

12. The Time of Our Lives ABC 0.660m

13. Castle Seven 0.628m

14. Modern Family – Episode 2 Ten 0.549m

15. Compass ABC 0.484m

Sunday’s share:

  • Seven: 27.9%
  • Nine: 20.5%
  • ABC1: 11.5%
  • Ten: 10.5%
  • Gem: 4.4%
  • 7mate: 4.0%
  • SBS1: 3.9%
  • GO!: 3.7%
  • 7TWO 3.5%
  • One: 2.9%
  • Eleven: 2.7%
  • ABC2: 1.8%
  • ABC News 24: 1.5%
  • SBS2: 0.6%
  • ABC3: 0.3%
  • NITV: 0.1%

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  1. Jeff
    9 Sep 13
    10:40 am

  2. having 20 women groveling for attention from 1 good looker male is pathetic and demeaning to equity and equality. Little advertising people-get over your groin led programs- so embarrassing.

  3. Bruce
    9 Sep 13
    11:32 am

  4. The ‘bachelor’ concept has been around for so long and just seems really, really tried, in all truth. Why not more cooking shows? Hang on a sec…

  5. Blutack
    9 Sep 13
    11:35 am

  6. A spokesman for Ten said this morning: “The first-night numbers for The Bachelor were in line with our expectations.”

    I’m all for realistic targets, but if Ten are now happy with their big entertainment shows coming behind ABC News, they seem a little too comfortable with their 4th position.

  7. Jim
    9 Sep 13
    12:14 pm

  8. Yet another failure to launch for Ten.

  9. Ricki
    9 Sep 13
    12:20 pm

  10. Car crash tele that was a first night ‘must watch’ just to laugh at the Twitter snark. Unfortunately that incentive doesn’t last beyond night one.

  11. LuluBrella
    9 Sep 13
    1:37 pm

  12. EPIC FAIL 10…. Seriously, The Bachelor AU was complete garbage. Those women came across as desperate, ugly, fake and just plain nasty. I am sure these 25 women will look back on their 15 minutes of fame, and slap themselves hard, like I did when I finished watching an hour of this utter rubbish.

  13. Rebecca
    9 Sep 13
    1:48 pm

  14. Probably a silly question, but how do they determine which demographics are watching the show (e.g. women aged 16-39)?

  15. Love it
    9 Sep 13
    2:05 pm

  16. There audience share will grow with time. Quality entertainment! Good work 10!

  17. Dan
    9 Sep 13
    2:28 pm

  18. Rebecca:


    I’m not sure why Ten put this up against X Factor and 60 Minutes, it’s like the want it to fail.

  19. Ricki
    9 Sep 13
    2:30 pm

  20. Rebecca…in a nutshell…the electronic ratings collection system is statistically weighted by demographic breakdowns that reflect the population…and they know which contributors to the total sample correspond to which demographics to provide more specific information.

  21. John Grono
    9 Sep 13
    2:53 pm

  22. Rebecca, OzTAM uses a panel of 3,500 homes across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. All TVs in those homes have meters and the (approximately) 8,500 people’s viewing is captured. So determine how many are Women 16-39 they project the proportion in the panel to the population levels, so if, (say), 4.5% of the Women 16-39 in the panel are watching a programme, they estimate that 4.5% of the W1639 population is watching.

  23. callmecrazy
    9 Sep 13
    3:21 pm

  24. Oh come on – there’s nothing wrong with a bit of trashy TV! It’s like a guilty pleasure! My girlfriends and I all had a great time and a good laugh watching this on Sunday night, and are looking forward to watching the rest of the season (hopefully Ten won’t relegate it to some ridiculously annoying timeslot).