Keep Left wins Kellogg’s Twitter pitch contest

Keep Left PR has landed a place on Kellogg’s PR pitch shortlist via a Twitter competition, announced earlier this month.

Responding to a brief to stake its claim for the business in no more than 140 characters, the agency submitted a video in which 140 consumers are photographed holding a packet of Kellogg’s cereal – to the tune of ‘Wake me up before you go-go’ by Wham.

The video ends with the line: “Committed to putting your products into the hands of your customers”.

The pitch will conducted over the next three weeks, when Keep Left PR will compete in a field including Hill & Knowlton, Dec Communications, Mark Communications, Liquid Ideas and one other agency.

Gareth Lucy, corporate communications & PR manager, Kellogg Australia & New Zealand, said Keep Left’s post was chosen because “it stood out, it was completely different and it was creative.”

However, on what he was looking for in a winner, Lucy said he wanted to see proven results. “A lot of agencies can come up with a story and get a lot of coverage. We want to know what this coverage will do for our brand and our business. We also want to see genuinely measureable business objectives.”

He noted: “We want PR to sit alongside advertising and digital, and not just be a nice to have. We want a clever PR strategy that works well with the other disciplines.”

The winning agency will work alongside JWT, which handles creative, media agency Mindshare and digital shop Tongue. “We want out agencies to work better together. We’re trying to stop our marketing functions operating in silos,” he added.


  1. lexi
    15 Jun 11
    11:52 am

  2. I love it!

  3. Tony Richardson
    15 Jun 11
    11:54 am

  4. Never underestimate the power of a big (or frequent) pack shot.

  5. milkbar
    15 Jun 11
    11:59 am

  6. Well done Keep Left… congrats. LOL re: naked guy with the box of Sustain — cheeky touch!

  7. Vicki R
    15 Jun 11
    12:01 pm

  8. There’s a woman at about 0:48 who appears again at 1:10.
    That’s cheating 😉

  9. Kelly
    15 Jun 11
    12:08 pm

  10. Nice work! Great lateral thinking. And not a planker amongst them!

  11. Dawson
    15 Jun 11
    12:09 pm

  12. Them fellas was thinking out of the box – a Kellogg’s box.

  13. Jo Gitsham
    15 Jun 11
    12:21 pm

  14. Nice work! Good to see a PR firm getting creative

    Really nice job Keep Left. I love it. Congrats.

    Interesting though that Liquid Ideas was all over the twitter competition and already part of the pitch list? Did the other already shortlisted agencies take part in the twitter call out too?

  15. Marissa
    15 Jun 11
    1:51 pm

  16. Very clever, well done Keep Left!

  17. Ron Jeremy
    15 Jun 11
    2:00 pm

  18. I assume they’re not breaching copyright and have paid to license the Wham song for the soundtrack…

  19. Wild Oscar
    16 Jun 11
    5:25 pm

  20. Porridge anyone?

  21. Le chat
    16 Jun 11
    8:33 pm

  22. I always wondered what Andrew rigdeley did next. Congrats Keep left, great idea!

  23. Mac
    19 Jun 11
    7:09 pm

  24. How much did they pay to license Wham’s music for this advertisement?

    They clearly can’t use the usual “You can’t prove that this is an official ad in this video – we’ll pretend it is fan content so we don’t have to license anything or follow rules”

    Did ‘Keep Left PR’ license the music – or did they steal it?