Kogan launches Collingwood branded television

Online electronic retailer Kogan has created a Collingwood-themed television for fans of the football club.

The TV is a 42-inch full high-definition LED TV branded with Collingwood Football Club logos on the front, on the start-up screen, and on the remote control.

Ruslan Kogan, founder and CEO of Kogan.com said in a release: “This is another example of innovation at Kogan and demonstrates our commitment to producing the latest technology at Australia’s best prices.”

The TV is priced at $449.

“Kogan is a home grown success story which is why they’re the perfect partner for Collingwood, a national sporting icon,” McGuire said. “Kogan is a company renowned for quality, something we are now able to directly share with our members and fans. Hopefully, there will be a lot of joy for the Collingwood army in watching their team on a Collingwood TV. It will be the next best thing to being there at a packed MCG.”

Kogan’s most recent stunt involved charging users of Internet Explorer an “obsolescence tax” to use its website.


  1. Rob Da Bank
    25 Jul 12
    5:05 pm

  2. “Kogan is a company renowned for quality”

    Really Eddie?

    You niether think nor wrote that.

  3. Wooper
    25 Jul 12
    5:18 pm

  4. Hey Kogan how about you focus on one damn thing at a time!

    A couple of months ago there was some hoopla in the News Ltd. press about “the world’s cheapest Android tablet” that you had produced. Many (including myself) pre-ordered some and you can’t seem to get your crap together tp produce and deliver them!

  5. Anonymous
    25 Jul 12
    5:38 pm

  6. soon to be Australia’s most stolen television…

  7. Andrew
    25 Jul 12
    6:35 pm

  8. Black and White tv’s are so 1970 …

  9. Steve
    25 Jul 12
    8:47 pm

  10. This is really a geo-locating device in disguise to find criminals before they strike…

  11. Mr GST
    25 Jul 12
    9:22 pm

  12. I wonder if Collingwood FC and Eddie realise that they’re promoting a product which is sold by Kogan Hong Kong and avoids GST?

    Not very Australian to be avoiding taxes and ‘drop shipping’ the TVs to Australia!

  13. Niklas
    25 Jul 12
    10:42 pm

  14. Hats of for Kogan. Most astute and aggressive businessman I have met. Made several purchases and they have been not good, but great. Keep stirring the pot mate!

  15. Not Gerry
    25 Jul 12
    11:43 pm

  16. Kogan can do what Kogan wants to.

    Btw I feel that service levels from Kogan are amazing, so much so that I will buy a small appliance from them knowing that it might not be the best, however understanding (from experience) that is it falters I have it replaced quick sharp.

    That is value to me. Value to others is difference and choice is a good thing.

  17. Al
    26 Jul 12
    11:18 am

  18. I know some Collingwood supporters and this item will sell. Some will spend 2 months worth of wage to own this.

  19. Glenhaven Magpie
    26 Jul 12
    2:33 pm

  20. Fantastic. About time someone with nous arrived on the scene
    to show their true colours!!!! Black and white of course.
    What a winner!

  21. Glenhaven Magpie
    26 Jul 12
    2:39 pm

  22. Fantastic news from Kogan. Black and white is sooo good, particularly with stripes.
    TV will be so much better now.

  23. Glenhaven Magpie
    26 Jul 12
    2:40 pm

  24. They sure know how to kick a goal!!!!

  25. Beery
    26 Jul 12
    2:49 pm

  26. Good for raffles down the footy club, first prize is a chinese TV, second prize is two chinese tvs…..

  27. A
    26 Jul 12
    3:15 pm

  28. I will never buy a Kogan product. Am sorry but poor quality products are not worth the price, no matter how cheap they first appear.

  29. JennyWho
    26 Jul 12
    4:59 pm

  30. Does Kogan know how many people really ‘dislike’ Collingwood? Supporting Collingwood is ALMOST enough for me to not purchase another Kogan product. Almost.