Kyle’s social meanies

Dr Mumbo is genuinely mesmerised by this video of his favourite shock jock.

A new (and Dr Mumbo suspects short lived) segment features Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O being read the negative things being said about them on the Today Network show’s Facebook page and on Twitter. It may be inspired by a similar idea from Jimmy Kimmel in the US.

The changes on Kyle Sandilands’ face from the one minute, 53 second mark are compelling.

Perhaps Dr Mumbo is reading too much into it to say that he sees Sandilands’ soul crumbling before his very eyes. It finally leaves his body at the two minutes and 22 seconds mark…


  1. Urgh
    21 Jun 13
    12:16 pm

  2. I am so angry at myself for clicking play on this. Everything that’s wrong with our insular, faux-celebrity circlejerk of an industry can be summed up with this video.

    I need a walk to remind myself that real life begins when breakfast radio is over

  3. Mark S
    21 Jun 13
    1:13 pm

  4. Soul? As if he ever had one.

    That was his fragile ego you were watching, not his soul.

    Other than that +1 Urgh

  5. Drew
    21 Jun 13
    2:17 pm

  6. Kyle and Jackie aren’t everyone’s flavour of breakfast radio; but the fact they can laugh at themselves by acknowledging the haters means a great deal. Number one in FM breakfast for a reason. Entertaining!

  7. Rebecca
    21 Jun 13
    4:01 pm

  8. +2 Urgh. Ironic that they are putting so much emphasis on the people that hate on them, yet their success is because they are so hateful and nasty to others.

  9. Encyclic!
    21 Jun 13
    4:22 pm

  10. Yes Drew, because the bar is set very low on commercial radio.

    Eagerly await the ACMA ruling.

  11. Dan
    24 Jun 13
    1:39 pm

  12. I’m no fan of Kyle but these people are no better than him. That’s pretty hateful stuff, espeacially the weight jabs – Jackie O is a relatively new mum. Social media has created millions of critics who are actually nobody’s who are only brave when sitting behind a computer screen. You can be certain they all have miserable lives.

  13. B
    24 Jun 13
    2:15 pm

  14. They didnt look phased at ll by those comments, that was funny, but they are laughing all the way to the bank…

  15. Diddy
    25 Jun 13
    4:46 am

  16. Have to agree with Dan – social media is full of people bitching and moaning anonymously – much like the comments here :)

    Still if u are making enough to drive a Rolls, like Kyle is, you can take a few rude and mean comments

  17. Paula
    26 Jun 13
    11:47 am

  18. It was “inspired” by Jimmy Kimmell in the same way that their poor attempt at Innuendo Bingo was “inspired” by Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1.

    I don’t think they know what “original content” actually is.