LinkedIn’s Cliff Rosenberg reveals Australian launch team

Business networking site LinkedIn has rapidly grown its Australian start up team to six with a series of new hires, Mumbrella can reveal.

As part of the new set-up, LinkedIn will now take its Australian advertising sales in-house, although Ad2One will continue to represent it in the New Zealand market.

The new appointments by managing director Cliff Rosenberg include:  

The four appointments follow the announcement earlier this year of Steve Barham as director of recruitment solutions for the business networking website. Barham has moved across from the US offices of LinkedIn.

Rosenberg, a former MD of Yahoo in Australia, told Mumbrella that the team was hired partly through his own contacts and partly through using LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.

He said: “We are very serious about Australia and we are thrilled we are getting very solid double digit growth of the membership base.”

The site has around 1m members in Australia, with Rosenberg estimating the potential number of Australian’s in professional roles at around 5m. He said that the company’s main focus on building awareness will be through below the line and PR activity.

Revenue from the site includes display advertising, and premium subscriptions to recruitment companies or large firms that are looking for increased access to the site’s membership database including being able to reach individuals who are not in their immediate network.

Rosenberg said: “Very often your best candidates are not in the job market and we offer an opportunity to reach them.”


  1. Joel
    21 Apr 10
    9:56 am

  2. This is a great move by LinkedIn.They’ve needed a dedicated AU sales team for a while now.

  3. Pete
    21 Apr 10
    12:37 pm

  4. Best of luck guys.Great product, you cant fail to be on a winner.

  5. anon1
    21 Apr 10
    2:01 pm

  6. Gosh! Yet again, every single one.

  7. David Park
    21 Apr 10
    2:02 pm

  8. A good news story for a good news story.

  9. reevesy
    21 Apr 10
    3:53 pm

  10. Its about time. Ad2One to their credit have done an Ok job with this site to date.

    I hope to see more than so n so has added me on linkedIn in coming months – lets see what this thing can do.

  11. Nigel Cameron-Davies
    22 Apr 10
    12:53 am

  12. Excellent move guys – the growth on LinkedIn is phenomenal. Look forward to seeing where you will launch next!

  13. me
    22 Apr 10
    11:36 am

  14. I just dont get it…
    I get how these guys could make a buck or two through becoming a glorified recruitment service. But as an employer, why on earth would you want your staff to be on this. Even as a recruiter moving forward with your new staff….?

  15. me
    22 Apr 10
    4:26 pm

  16. Oh, now I get it! As an employer, I don’t really have any say over what my employees do.


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