Madden brothers to front Vodafone housewarming promotion

madden vodafone

A Madden

Good Charlotte members Benji and Joel Madden have added Vodafone to their list of Australian endorsements months after the bumpy launch of their support for KFC.

The Madden brothers are fronting a contest offering Vodafone customers the chance to win an invitation to a “housewarming” party for them.

Joel Madden is one of the coaches on Nine’s The Voice, which returns for a second series on Nine later this year.

The promotion offers fans a chance to win tickets to a party labelled “The Madden’s Housewarming“.

maddens housewarming

Vodafone’s (grammatically challenged) housewarming callout

The ad features Madden knocking on neighbours’ doors to introduce himself and warn them about a loud housewarming party.

Ogilvy Sydney was appointed Vodafone’s ad agency in February last year.

Last year KFC unveiled the Maddens as spokesmen for the brand before it quickly emerged that they had previously championed vegetarian and vegan causes.


  1. Dorothy
    21 Jan 13
    1:45 pm

  2. Geez, those guys will shill for anything. Don’t forget they supported Blackberry a while back too.

  3. Elle
    21 Jan 13
    1:54 pm

  4. Dear God! The Madden Bros are like herpes – they just won’t go away. Ugh

  5. Offal Spokesperson
    21 Jan 13
    1:58 pm

  6. wow… if they hadnt demonstrated it already… at least we now have a clear definition of the term “Sell out”

  7. Kelly
    21 Jan 13
    2:24 pm

  8. Please.. no more. No more Maddens.

  9. Cat hater
    21 Jan 13
    2:35 pm

  10. Why would you want greasy chicken fingers on your phone.

  11. JD
    21 Jan 13
    2:42 pm

  12. Please no more Madden brothers!

  13. supermild
    21 Jan 13
    3:16 pm

  14. Oh. No. *shaking head*

  15. Confused
    21 Jan 13
    3:20 pm

  16. Whilst I would personally not associate these annoying Madden Bros with any of my brands. I am astonished at why Vodafone are still promoting themselves?

    Why on earth are Vodafone not learning?!!!

    1) Get your product fixed

    2) Sort out your customer service

    3) Let others market your new and improved product and service.

    I scratch my head. The way Vodafone are going, they will be pulling out of Oz soon…

  17. BrentW
    21 Jan 13
    3:22 pm

  18. Are they really that popular in Australia? I don’t get this at all.

  19. JD
    21 Jan 13
    3:41 pm

  20. Buy a three piece feed and get Vodafone pre-paid. Now that’s a good campaign. You can kill two birds with one stone (pardon the pun)

  21. 2cents
    21 Jan 13
    4:01 pm

  22. The Voice, Blackberry, KFC and Vodafone. You can’t create a blander and more creatively challenged portfolio if you tried

  23. Billy C
    21 Jan 13
    4:36 pm

  24. Vodafone have tried to get a number of celebrities to front campaigns but they all keep saying no. Anyone with any degree of credibility wants to stay away from them.

  25. Jacob Hodgman
    21 Jan 13
    4:46 pm

  26. @confused (#8): absofrigginlutley. I second, third and fourth your proposal. Why advertise a business when you obviously can’t run one?

  27. JustineL
    21 Jan 13
    4:48 pm

  28. They are the Daddo brothers of the decade!

  29. Charlotte
    21 Jan 13
    4:52 pm

  30. Someone at Ogilvy really loves the Madden boys, 2 campaigns with them in 2 months…which client is next?

  31. Sell Outs
    21 Jan 13
    4:55 pm

  32. I suppose they would need to go and knock on their neighbour’s door because it’s not like they could call them.

  33. James
    21 Jan 13
    5:09 pm

  34. Please provide the “houseparty” address so I know where to throw the eggs!

  35. Scott Maxworthy
    21 Jan 13
    5:24 pm

  36. Yeh gads – that house is just up the road from us!

  37. R.E.M
    21 Jan 13
    5:24 pm

  38. Who?

  39. Are you kidding me.....
    21 Jan 13
    10:13 pm

  40. Who is it that thinks these guys are the shizz. Using them is worse than the Normie Rowe in the Coles ads. Vodafone get your researcher to check with kids in the target market they hardly even know who they are. If it isn’t bad enough your coverage is less than desirable this will just be the icing on the cake. Please someone get with the program this is just plain embarrassing for Vodafone.

  41. Elbogrease
    22 Jan 13
    9:25 am

  42. Vegan wanker sellouts. Yep Aussie kids love that shit, apparently. Any tosser with a bit of ink can sell.

  43. Serious question
    22 Jan 13
    10:08 am

  44. Did the Maddens go bust, hence they need the money? Does seem overkill for any artist.

  45. Mick A
    22 Jan 13
    10:10 am

  46. Seriously, NO ONE likes the madden brothers. This is just insanely off the mark. The KFC ads are the worst, most annoying ads I have seen in a long time. The madden brothers are so so so shit. Stop being so shit at your jobs ogilvy.
    This is embarrassing.

  47. Jack B. Nimble
    22 Jan 13
    11:37 am

  48. Pleasingly, I have almost NO knowledge of who these Madden people are, but the little that has inevitable soaked into my awareness (in the same way that I’ve never watched a Kardashian show or read and article about them but still know a bit about who they are) totally fails to impress me at all. I presume they’re just another bunch of wanna-be B-list ‘celebs’ who have achieved some degree of fame/recognition for being who they are and on some reality TV shows rather than having any specific talent?

    I might be wrong, truth be told I could not even bother to check them on Wikipedia, so low is my level of interest in them – but for what it’s worth, I agree with those who suggest that Vodafone needs to actually get its network and customer service sorted out before anything else, otherwise this is a fortune spent on frippery!

  49. Rob
    22 Jan 13
    11:45 am

  50. The KFC and the Vodafone spots ran back to back last night, it was like the Madden happy hour.
    They’ve also in the past 6 months played the NRL grand final, V8’s Gold Coast and they’re about to play the 20/20 international… They so should do the “Cha Ching” campaign for Big W, now that would be some sweet integration.

  51. Boom
    22 Jan 13
    5:27 pm

  52. Get off my TV.

    These guys are total whores when it comes to flogging off brands. If the campaigns they are featured in were half decent/creative/interesting then it would be ok. But they are complete rubbish.

  53. Confused
    22 Jan 13
    7:39 pm

  54. @Jack B Nimble Yep B grade US bod, who can get fame over here (smaller pond, with less fish). Certainly selling out for sure.

    I wonder how many decent, Australian customer service staff Vodafone could have hired for a year, instead of making and airing this advert. Lets say that a decent customer service res get paid $55k per annum.

    Anyone got any idea’s?

  55. LW
    22 Jan 13
    11:17 pm

  56. Maybe they could both strap on Berlei bras and be the next bouncing twosome? All that chicken is bound to give them some decent B cup moobs.