Make-A-Wish shows effect of donations and sharing on social media on sick kids’ lives

Leo Burnett Melbourne has launched a campaign that attempts to show the impact donations and sharing on social media can have on improving the lives of sick kids.

The campaign centres on an online platform called The Wish Effect.

“We have created a digital experience that illustrates the positive effect social networks have in generating and amplifying donations that grant wishes for sick children,” said Luc Wiesman, head of digital at Leo Burnett Melbourne. “The more friends who donate, the greater your Wish Effect grows. We’re really proud of this first for Make-A-Wish Australia.”

Kellie Johnston, GM of marketing, fundraising and communications at Make-A-Wish Australia, said: “The innovative digital experience underpinning The Wish Effect enables us to reach new audiences and engage them in a simple but compelling way. This is an exciting step forward for Make-A-Wish globally and we eventually hope that our international affiliates will use it to enhance wish granting in their respective countries.”

Three days after launch, The Wish Effect has raised more than $6,000 in donations and recruited around 500 new supporters.


  1. Nat
    9 Oct 12
    1:00 pm

  2. I clicked on the link to take a look and was inspired to donate. Such an amazing organisation doing wonderful things.

    Just a note for the developers, i live in QLD but it was telling me stats for people in Sydney and NSW. I think our server may be in Syd but the location came up after i logged into facebook so perhaps you can link it to people’s facebook location if they go through that way?

  3. Nat
    9 Oct 12
    1:00 pm

  4. ps – that was just a thought. Otherwise its a brilliant and inspiring site. well done to all involved. I hope you smash your targets!!!