Mamamia hunts for community manager who knows what zeitgeist means

Mamamia, the website founded by ex-Cosmopolitan editor Mia Freedman, is looking for a content/community manager.

The position, advertised as “not a clock-punching job”, will be based in Sydney.

The job ad reads:

Can you tweet and Facebook like a demon? Write clickable headlines and identify sharable content? Do you trawl the net constantly? Do you know what zeitgeist means? Does unearthing a great piece of writing make you tingle? Are you inextricably linked to your phone/laptop? Do you totally understand that women can be interested in light and shade? Heavy and fluffy? Do you know how to balance those two things to create a daily must-read mix of content? Are you organised? Motivated? A team-player? Able to take initiative? Are you prepared to work really hard? Are you excited by the idea of building and growing online communities across social media platforms? Are you across parenting issues? Style? Politics? News? Pop culture? Feminism? Body Image? Sex? Are you still reading?

Among the criteria for would-be applicants is a strong working knowledge of social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, solid journalistic experience and the ability to write strong headlines, tweets and Facebook status updates.


  1. Cognitively DIssonant
    1 May 12
    2:47 pm

  2. Knowing what zeitgeist means is totally part of the zeitgeist right now.

  3. ST
    1 May 12
    3:58 pm

  4. Soooo, a 24 hour job. Wonder how much it’s paying?

  5. Shane
    1 May 12
    4:01 pm

  6. It’s a German airship, isn’t it?

  7. Tbone
    1 May 12
    5:21 pm

  8. Zeitgeist is literally “TIme Ghost”. All “Community Managers” eventually burn out and evolve into them in their relentless effort to keep their audience entertained 24/7. Hence no clock punching.

    1 May 12
    5:22 pm

  10. Are you able to clearly identify a buzz word?

    Would you prefer to live your life online than in real life? Are you able to turn the most banal of topics into a sensationalised headlines that others will want to gasp, gossip and fight over? Do you surf the net wishing that you could actually write rather than just read and criticise? Does finding someone else’s brilliant writing to plagiarise and garner clicks and money for me excite you? Will you be available to work 24/7? Do you understand that women’s insecurities are so easily manipulated that we can make them believe that we care about them, while we’re actually making them feel bad about themselves? Will you provoke the mummy wars? Incite readers to make fun of other women’s appearance and dress sense? Explain that we are feminists even though we clearly encourage women to rip each other to shreds and judge each other for their choices? Say that everyone should love their body the way it is but show mainly images of pretty skinny girls? And talk about sex and vaginas a lot cos it makes us seem open minded?

  11. Nat
    1 May 12
    5:49 pm

  12. They pay nothing? For real? I switched off when they got into a very serious/ debatable parenting issue and were so one sided i felt sick and they really stepped down a few levels of intelligence in my book. Always so high and mighty.

    There are so many questions in that job notice. It makes me nauesous.

  13. jean cave
    1 May 12
    7:27 pm

  14. I can answer YES to every question but unforch I am an old crone in the wrong hemisphere . . . Eheu! I have shaken and moved on sadly.

  15. Doggo
    1 May 12
    9:33 pm

  16. Community Management is the biggest hoax job this side of the Y2K.
    Delete, move, remove, pick a bale of cotton.

  17. Lord No
    1 May 12
    9:36 pm

  18. What if I’m xenophobic?

  19. Sally
    2 May 12
    7:28 am

    Brilliant response. Perhaps you should apply for the job. I think you know what they are after better than Mia knows.

    I heard that the last position they advertised part of the job conditions were that you had to supply your own laptop.

  21. Gezza
    2 May 12
    9:48 am

  22. @ cosmo. gold.

  23. paul the freelance writer
    2 May 12
    10:44 am

  24. Don’t know about zeitgeist but those magazines print plenty of schadenfreude. Why don’t they just say they want a gossip columnist who can use Twitter?

  25. nick williams
    2 May 12
    11:15 am

  26. is there a more pretentious word out there than zeitgeist?

  27. Groucho
    2 May 12
    11:34 am

  28. Doesn’t Clearasil fix zeitgeists?

  29. Mia Freedman
    2 May 12
    12:13 pm

  30. So I guess none of you guys will be applying then?
    Too bad, so sad.

    2 May 12
    1:33 pm

  32. @Mia I’ll definitely be applying, I think I understand the job spec perfectly. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if you actually hired me?

  33. MayDay
    2 May 12
    3:32 pm

  34. Oh @Mia too bad so sad? is that the best you could come up with? That’s so 90’s!!!! If you really had your finger on the Zeitgeist you would have said something like “sux to be you” or “I’m totes com sui over this” or “awkies” – something as equally eloquent but much more relevant.

  35. Seriously?
    2 May 12
    3:42 pm

  36. “Too bad, so sad”. That’s the mature attitude that sets the tone for the site commenting now? Heaven forbid if someone dares disagree with HRH Mia.

  37. Yah
    2 May 12
    4:34 pm

  38. Just logged onto the site and started reading the first article which asked me ‘do you use a vibrator?’
    Is this the zeitgeist climate MM is seeking? Wahoooooooooopooh. I’m applying now.

  39. jean cave
    2 May 12
    5:03 pm

  40. OK What is the OZ word for zeitgeist then?

  41. John Grono
    2 May 12
    6:05 pm

  42. Jean Cave. It’s … “the vibe” (with apologies to ‘The Castle’).

  43. HRH
    2 May 12
    7:26 pm

  44. “to bad so sad”, are you kidding me?
    Did you get one of your unpaid interns to write that for you?

    Seriously nice response from a supposed “professional”

    I thought you were busy being “the voice of women everywhere”

  45. LW
    2 May 12
    8:07 pm

  46. “Too bad, so sad?” More like no pay, no way. And @Cosmo, please please apply then let us know all about the interview!

  47. Dorothy
    7 May 12
    7:19 am

  48. I seriously hope this is paying very well, and that she hires at least two or possibly three people to split the workload. Community management is a 24/7 job (and I say that as a community manager) and that particular community is full of some fairly “passionate” and “enthusiastic” people (read: crazy stay at home mums).

    Also, too bad, so sad? Really, Mia? What a great attitude, I would definitely love to slog my guts out for you. Where do I sign up?