MasterChef: The Professionals delivers strong first night

The Ten network’s gamble on MasterChef: The Professionals paid off last night with the show being the most watched non-news program of the night.

Rain in Sydney dented Nine’s one day cricket game between Australia and Sri Lanka, giving the cooking program more than enough air to breath in its debut and setting it up for a healthy series run. The show features chef Marco Pierre White and regular Masterchef judge Matt Preston.

According to preliminary overnight metro ratings from OzTAM, 1.165m viewers in the five capital cities tuned in, bumping the Australian Open tennis into second place after the tournament dominated nightly viewing last week.

The ABC’s Upstairs Downstairs (761,000) was the only other entertainment program to make the top five capital city to make the top 10 shows of the night.

Meanwhile, Nine News Sunday was the most watched program of the night with 1.5m viewers, followed by Seven News with 1.243m.

The official TV ratings period for 2013 is yet to begin.


  1. Jacob Hodgman
    21 Jan 13
    3:49 pm

  2. “The ABC’s Upstairs Downstairs (761,000) was the only other entertainment program to make the top five capital city to make the top 10 shows of the night.”

    What a strange sentence. Obviously I’m not up to date with the latest in ratings terminology and syntax.

  3. Bill Collins
    21 Jan 13
    5:06 pm

  4. great show. glad I never became a chef and worked in a restaurant!

  5. Regina
    21 Jan 13
    6:33 pm

  6. I won’t be watching Gordon Ramsey’s counterpart! Another Englishman without sensitivity – ugly and rude! … It was bad enough seeing Ramsey abuse people on television. Disgusting! We don’t want more!

    For one, I like the freshness of people trying to compete in a totally new profession for them – i.e. the first series of Masterchef for both adults and children. It was inspirational and exciting.

    To see the same old ‘HO HUM’ more of the same with someone yelling at their efforts is not for many of us. I think you will lose thousands of your initially admiring audiences.

  7. Simon
    21 Jan 13
    9:10 pm

  8. “Another Englishman without sensitivity – ugly and rude.”

    To be fair to Marco, maybe you should have actually watched it? The promos overplayed the ‘rude’ bit. He’s hard, but he’s pretty fair. He knows chefs, so he’s hardly going to one to give them a cuddle.

    Watching the second night right now and he’s much, much more interesting to watch than George and Gary – and they’re great. He adds a totally different dimension to show.

  9. Elbogrease
    22 Jan 13
    9:28 am

  10. Oh gawd, Masterchef is total rubbish so i don’t watch it.