McCann unveils ‘This is me’ spot for Metro Trains

Metro Trains has launched a new brand campaign that portrays its everyday customers – in this instance an elderly Bulldogs fan – as the life and soul of Melbourne’s transport system.

The campaign, the first brand effort for Metro Trains since it took over from previous operator Connex, was created by McCann Melbourne.

McCann Melbourne’s co-creative director Phil van Bruchem, said: “I think everyone knows what a train does and looks like. The interesting bit is the hundreds of thousands of people that travel on them.”

“Melbourne is a proud, distinctive town and this campaign is hopefully a nice little addition to the long list of why it’s such a lovely place to live.”


  • Creative directors: Nick Weller, Phil van Bruchem
  • Copywriters: John Skaro, Dan Forrestal
  • Art Director: Roger Nance, Tim Forte
  • Production Co: The Guild
  • Director: Craig Maclean
  • Producer: Helene Nicol
  • Agency producer: Kat Latour
  • Clients: Chloe Alsop, Leah Waymark
  • Account director: Anthony Keck


  1. Zac Martin
    24 Mar 11
    4:03 pm

  2. Makes sense, the only people who get seats on trains are oldies.

  3. Carmen Petropulo
    24 Mar 11
    4:14 pm

  4. What’s not to love? It combines two of my favourite things: Melbourne & the mighty Doggies. Beautifuly done.

  5. Bucks
    24 Mar 11
    4:15 pm

  6. Kudos to the research team at McCann. They found the only Bulldogs fan in Melbourne thats still got their front teeth. Mind you, with CGI, they could have been digitally added.

    Yep, It’s footy season in Melbourne, bring on the replies!

  7. Carmen Petropulo
    24 Mar 11
    4:15 pm

  8. Or should I say, ‘Beautifully done’

  9. Matthew Cheyne
    24 Mar 11
    6:52 pm

  10. Why don’t Metro just run the trains on time. That alone would advertise the service itself.

  11. Masterful
    24 Mar 11
    10:11 pm

  12. Typical old person taking up a seat with their bag whilst people are standing! Give up metro. You took over a piece of sh!t thinking you could change the smell!

  13. Salma
    25 Mar 11
    9:13 am

  14. Could it get any tackier? It’s not Metro’s fault. McCann please do SOMETHING original…..

  15. My train was really late this morning and when it finally arrived I was pushed up against some guys armpit so excuse my rant
    25 Mar 11
    9:43 am

  16. This ad just annoys me..

    A) It’s boring; and

    B) It paints the picture that the train service is all lovely with sunshine and rainbows and it’s just not true at all! You catch the train in peak hour times and they’re rediculously crowded, late or cancelled. Catch them during the day and it’s uncomfortable trying not to make eye contact with the junky deros that are on their way to their closest Centrelink. Catch it at night – at your own risk. Catching the train is not fun! And it makes me even more annoyed that Metro would spend all this money advertising and lying about how good their service is, when they should be fixing it!

  17. A
    25 Mar 11
    9:50 am

  18. Now unlike the earlier Nikon Ad, this makes me want to run away from advertising. Very fast. But I understand that sometimes you just have to do what you get from the brief. I concur with Matthew; just run the trains on time and quit harping on about emotional connections to trains.

  19. Ben
    25 Mar 11
    12:28 pm

  20. They left out the bit where she missed her train because she couldn’t work the Myki Machine and then got fined for having a zone 1 when she really needed a zone 1 +2.

  21. kelly
    27 Mar 11
    5:42 pm

  22. for you information this is my nana and yes they are her teeth! and as for you ‘Masterful’ its a bloody add of course they put her bag next to her. ur obviously not smart enough to know whats tv n wats real life.

  23. John Campbell
    28 Mar 11
    11:59 am

  24. To me this is yet another example of a marketing department that sits around being creative amongst themselves so the result is a campaign that misses the mark dismally because (A) they don’t bother to get to know their actual customers are and (B) they don’t know the business that they actually work in. What a lost opportunity

  25. Bucks
    28 Mar 11
    2:38 pm

  26. @kelly, I really do believe this is your ‘nanna’, (note the extra ‘n’ in the word). because your spelling and grammer is that of a Western Bulldogs fan…

  27. Stacey
    28 Mar 11
    2:57 pm

  28. @ Kelly – you hit the nail on the head – this ad IS obviously TV because it’s not believable at all – in REAL LIFE taking the train is often a terrible experience!