McDonald’s goes all British… and American

This new TV ad for McDonald’s in the UK is an interesting juxtaposition of two cultures.

Dr Mumbo particularly chuckled at the pale-looking Brits in their wading pool watching with mild confusion the Baywatch-like babes running towards them.  

Rather than offending, it takes cultural differences and stereotypes to an amusing level.

The ad is for a five week burger promotion. Goes to show that promo campaigns can be so much more than simply a collection of gratuitous product shots.

The culturally-themed approach was also one similarly taken in the recent Bushells ads.


  1. MattP
    5 May 10
    1:33 pm

  2. Interesting and a little entertaining. Particularly that McD is being proud of its American foundation, given that being American has not had positive connotations globally for the past few years.