McDonald’s rolls the dice and it’s free parking for all

The last time Mumbrella reviewed a McDonald’s ad in Canada, it was a lukewarm reception to say the least. But its latest effort gets points for the freebie factor and the relevant branded stunt.  

The promote the fast-food chain’s tie up with Monopoly in West Canada it gave away free parking spaces to 1,500 motorists and branded the parking spots with Monoploy “Free Parking” signs.

And hey, it was free parking. It couldn’t possibly have gone wrong.


  1. Clancy
    8 Jan 10
    12:41 pm

  2. Wow…they could have also offered free tix to the local hockey game as well if they really wanted to be Canadian, eh.

  3. John Grono
    8 Jan 10
    1:43 pm

  4. Hey Clancy … I didn’t realise that there was a “Hockey Game” square on a Monopoly board. This is a Monopoly tie-in and quite clever methinks.

    However, I can already hear the advertising wowsers claiming that this promotion contributes to the national obesity crisis as it encourages people to drive and not walk .. blah, blah, blah …


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