Merry Christmas from adland

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas to Dr Mumbo.

He savours the season above all for the influx of novelty Christmas cards, gifts and branded emails. But more than this, he enjoys the different approaches to the festive spirit Adland offers.

Politically correct Wintermas greetings from the US, where your obnoxious comments from advertising industry websites become a Yuletide e-card at “Warm Wishes from Adland”:

AdlandXmasadland christmas

A frankly confusing musical from Draft FCB South Africa:

And, unpredictably enough, gambling from Australia…thanks VML.

Then comes this Apple pastiche from MadMan entertainment:

And this gem from legendarily longwinded Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Lévy, which cleverly uses Youtube’s functionality to allow you to skip, shuffle, alter the volume and backdrop of Levy’s season’s greetings.


Feel free to name and shame other contenders by dropping Dr Mumbo a link in the comment thread.

Ho ho and indeed ho.


  1. Thom
    13 Dec 12
    4:35 pm

  2. DT Digital usually bring out a goody.. Where is it?

  3. Warm wishes
    13 Dec 12
    9:36 pm

  4. Mad Pad was ok, but Warm Wishes from Adland was fucking great.

    And I’m sorry… but the song from Draft FCB…. was fucking terrible. If I worked at that place and they made me film that I would have slit my wrists with a plastic bread knife.

  5. Dorothy
    15 Dec 12
    3:37 am

  6. ^^^ @ comment #2 – That should be on the front of Draft FCB’s card for next year