Million Dollar Drop’s emergency episode fails to pull back the ratings

million_dollar_dropNine’s last minute move of running a second episode of Million Dollar Drop on Thursday night failed to pay off, with the show attracting a four city audience (excluding Melbourne which carried CSI) of 493,000.

In what had been described as a crisis move, Nine replaced its scheduled episode of CSI with Million Dollar Drop in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide following the show rating poorly on Monday. Last week CSI rated a four city audience of 557,000 in the same timeslot, according to OzTam. The drop amounted to about an 11% fall on last week.

Million Dollar Drop, hosted by Eddie McGuire, made its debut on Monday with a metro audience of 933,000, third in its timeslot and 12th for the night.

Last night it was 12th in Sydney, 20th in Brisbane, sixth in Adelaide and ninth in Perth. In Melbourne, CSI was 16th with Ten’s AFL coverage dominating the night.

Seven’s Grey’s Anatomy won the 8.30pm timeslot nationally with an 867,000 audience.

In Sydney Million Dollar Drop beat Ten’s The Good Wife; in Brisbane, The Good Wife and Million Dollar Drop had an identical audience; in Adelaide and Perth Million Dollar Drop beat Ten’s AFL.

Nationally, the only programs to pull in more than 1m were Seven news, Seven’s Today Tonight and Nine News.

Million Dollar Drop, produced by Southern Star and based on an international format, is the latest hevaily promoted show from Nine to fail to fire in a troubled start to the 2011 ratings year.

Equally worrying for Nine, other stalwarts of its schedule also struggled. Travel show Getaway, at 8pm, rated 673,000.

Meanwhile 6PM With George Negus (319,000) – shortly to move to 6.30pm – was beaten by stablemate Neighbours (324,000) on Eleven. Nine’s digital channel Go had a good night, with three shows in the top five secondary channels.

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  1. Gus Clarke
    25 Mar 11
    9:17 am

  2. Audiences can sense that kind of desperation, it shows a lack of confidence in decent content and places doubt in the audiences mind. Rookie move from 9. Surprising since the move of Survivor to Go is genius.

  3. Travis
    25 Mar 11
    9:45 am

  4. To be fair, it was up against AFL in Melbourne, which would explain why Nine ran a no hoper repeat instead. I can see it doing better as a lead-in to The Footy Show than on a Monday night.

  5. Tony Richardson
    25 Mar 11
    1:41 pm

  6. If I wanted watch a show about ‘losing’ money I’d get out my holiday videos.

  7. @#$!
    25 Mar 11
    1:51 pm

  8. A clever idea – simple concept – poorly executed..

  9. Stark
    25 Mar 11
    2:53 pm

  10. I am not really a fan of this kind of game show…

  11. Bruiser
    25 Mar 11
    3:24 pm

  12. I reckon the people from last nights show were ripped off, because there were no blue M & Ms in the original packets. The question asked if there were more yellow or blue ones in the original M& Ms. Blue was not introduced until 1995. The couple chose yellow as their answer, but lost the lot. (big $$$$) Something is rotten in the state of Channel 9?

  13. @#$!
    25 Mar 11
    3:49 pm

  14. I do think it’s treating the public like idiots..

  15. @#$!
    25 Mar 11
    3:51 pm

  16. Evidently Stark you’re not the only one !

  17. Simon
    25 Mar 11
    6:35 pm

  18. I agree with Bruiser. They were RIPPED OFF. We did 3 separate Google search’s to find out what was more common, Blue or Yellow M&M’s. Each time we came up with Yellow. Yellow. YELLOW. This new show is a scam, and that couple should seek legal advice because they were RIPPED OFF.

  19. martin rhodes
    25 Mar 11
    10:23 pm

  20. Oh Channel Nine Eddie is a big part of your problem

  21. michelle
    28 Mar 11
    9:55 am

  22. She talked herself out of the right answer, she said there were two shades of blue and to me that would mean there are more blue, I like the show just needs tweaking

  23. Dazza
    30 Mar 11
    10:13 pm

  24. Martin is right…. we have all had enough of eddie!!!!!!!! he just drags the show out. viewers just want to watch the game not listen to eddie rambling on about random crap holding up the show.. there’s an old saying thats true…. “A good game is a fast game”

  25. Jenny
    1 Apr 11
    6:20 pm

  26. Love the show and want to be a contestant. Fantastic show.

  27. Milla
    6 Apr 11
    4:58 pm

  28. This Is The Number 1 Eddie Mcquire Show If You Ask Me Damn Was Getting Keen On The Two Thursday Before The Stupid NRL Footy Show =)

  29. Glenice
    21 Apr 11
    7:39 pm

  30. Personally, I thought the show was a bit of light fun….kept me interested, and stressed out whilst waiting anxiously for the big drop. Fun Fun Fun

    Yes , Eddie might be a tad annoying at times but I went to see wid life, not Eddie