MKR does it again for Seven with 1.67m

Seven’s My Kitchen Rules continued to dominate OzTam TV ratings last night with 1.665m capital viewers tuning in, hundreds of thousands ahead of competitors.

The cooking show, which averaged 1.8m viewers last year, was again the most watched show of the night, bumping Nine’s 6pm news (1.181m) and Seven’s bulletin (1.138m) well into second and third place.

The series has become a major 2013 launch for Seven, nobbling Ten’s MasterChef: The Professionals, which fell to the 700,000 mark after the first three episodes topped one million viewers last week.

The numbers suggest it will get even stronger after its debut on Monday attracted 1.38m capital city eyes.


  1. Polly
    3 Feb 13
    7:40 pm

  2. Sorry MKR but you have really scrapped the bottom of the barrel this year. You have completely lost me this year, no respect for either contestants or your loyal audiences.

  3. Christine
    6 Feb 13
    3:25 pm

  4. Glad to see MKR beating The Block to where it belongs!!

  5. Tom
    14 Feb 13
    3:14 pm

  6. Are the contestants all out-of-work actors this year? They certainly aren’t cooks by any definition of the word, and not very good actors. When the WA “Beauty!! Queens” served up pork ranging from raw to burnt, nobody seemed to have a clue that eating raw pork was a no-no. When served pasta, only the Italian contestant seemed to think al dente was right – and he didn’t seem too sure. The rest of the contestants all thought the pasta was undercooked – even when the professional chefs had pronounced it perfect!