Mumbrella video Hangout with MasterChef’s Matt Preston and Marco Pierre White

Mumbrella will hold a live Google Hangout this afternoon with MasterChef: The Professionals judges Matt Preston and Marco Pierre White.

Watch the replay:

Readers are invited to send questions via the comment thread of the article or on Twitter with the hashtag #AskMattNMarco.

The live video stream will appear on this post from 3pm AEST today.

Masterchef: The Professionals sees professional chefs do battle rather than the previous shows which have featured amateur cooks in competition. The series went on air on Sunday, with the second episode last night. Both episodes won their timelsots and topped 1m metro audiences.

Preston is a food writer and contributing journalist to the News Limited tabloids The Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph and The Courier-Mail. He  has been a judge on Masterchef since the series began in 2009.

White is considered one of the top chefs and restauranteurs in the world. As a celebrity chef, White has fronted the American version of The Chopping Block and Marco Pierre White’s Kitchen Wars.

This afternoon’s Google Hangout will be moderated by Mumbrella’s editor Tim Burrowes.


  1. Faster Chef
    22 Jan 13
    11:52 am

  2. I want to see a programme, which is part Biggest Loser and part Master Chef, perhaps called ‘Faster Chef’?

    The temptation of food to the gluttons, would be fun to watch. Imagine caving in when baking a sponge cake and “nom, nom, nom,nom…” The cake bowl would certainly get a good licking I am sure.

    Treadmills and exercise bikes would be mandatory when preparing food; “whisk, whilst you walk” (they rarely get up to running speed.) Perhaps a bit of rowing machine whilst the food is in the oven?

    I think it has legs, although OH&S would probably have something to say; fricken nanny state we live in….”You can’t dice tomato’s on a cross trainer” – Nazi’s!!

    If it were based up at Dream World, then all contestants (well a few of them, re the weight) could go on a roller coaster, drinking milk and eating chips – just for amusement; (perhaps when the food is in the oven too)?

    Any producers out there interested?

  3. Confused
    22 Jan 13
    12:26 pm

  4. Why is Marco holding an iPhone in this picture?

  5. Julesy
    22 Jan 13
    12:45 pm

  6. Hi Marco…we are loving this season and love seeing a true reflection of a commercial kitchen. My question…
    on the fb page many people have commented about poor hygiene on the show…what is your opinion of blowing on zucchini flowers, no gloves worn when handling food and a hat being worn in the kitchen?
    keep it up xo

  7. mumbrella
    22 Jan 13
    12:54 pm

  8. Hi Confused,

    As Paul Hogan once (nearly) said: That’s not an iPhone. That’s a knife.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  9. Confused
    22 Jan 13
    12:58 pm

  10. Touche Tim

  11. Rosie Matthew
    22 Jan 13
    1:09 pm

  12. Where are Gary and George?

  13. Louise
    22 Jan 13
    2:50 pm

  14. Sam Simmons had a great rant on Triple J about food snobbery and the hype around “pulled pork”, which is basically offered in every restaurant and pub at the moment. What does Marco think about food trends? Should chefs be original or go with what’s hot?

  15. Blake Murdoch
    22 Jan 13
    3:02 pm

  16. I love the show but is it going to follow the same format as MC (ie: eliminations, team challenges, cook-offs)? Or will we see some of the high pressure rounds used in the UK version, where cooks have a certain amount of time to cook a dish based on a very brief demonstration, and the winner then cooks it at the judge chef’s restaurant in real time with real customers?

  17. Dean Sprague
    22 Jan 13
    3:09 pm

  18. Gday Marco and Matt, Marco in your opinion what traits are common in Aussie chefs
    What should we be proud of and encouraged and what should we work towards “fixing”?

  19. Julesy
    22 Jan 13
    3:13 pm

  20. Hi again Marco…what are you favourite restaurants in Australia?

  21. Dean Sprague
    22 Jan 13
    3:32 pm

  22. Matt; will there be “masterclass” in this series?

  23. Julesy
    22 Jan 13
    3:32 pm

  24. Thank you so much for answering my question! xo

  25. Sergio Labbe
    22 Jan 13
    4:32 pm

  26. Good afternoom gentlemans, Thanks very much for finally showing professionals cooks to Australia…..
    Marco, i would like to ask if we will see the beatiful pig’s trotter with sweat bread from the days in Harvey’s and the old classics or the menus will be created for the competion? What sort of cooking skills, technics, and products Master Chef is standing for?
    Thank you very much
    All the best

  27. Patrick Vuaillat
    23 Jan 13
    7:07 pm

  28. Why does chefs don’t wear hat anymore ,despite been a health regulation?The hat does absorb the sweat around the fore head during cooking and plating.