Mumbrella moves house and Camille Alarcon returns to lead new project

studio in useMumbrella’s parent company Focal Attractions has moved into new premises and made a new hiring.

Situated at 46 Balfour Street in Sydney’s Chippendale creative precinct, Mumbrella’s new headquarters feature a purpose-built studio-classroom, and desks for up to 21 staff – allowing for growth from the current team of 14. The studio features a newsroom backdrop intended for live streaming and other set-ups for recorded interviews.

mumbrella studio

mumbrella studio view

Mumbrella’s immediate growth will see former deputy editor Camille Alarcon return to the team after two years with PR company Launch Group. Alarcon, who has also previously worked for B&T magazine and Marketing Week in the UK, will work on a new project to launch in the coming months.

new mumbrella house

The refurbishment – which saw two separate shop units being knocked through to create the space – was carried out by United Project Management.

mumbrella house newsroom

Mumbrella house sales team

Neighbours of Mumbrella House include BMF Studios, Zapruder’s Other Films, the White Rabbit Gallery, Hackett Films and Hopscotch.

  • Mumbrella is seeking to rent out two desks for a price of $640 per desk per month. The price includes a fast internet connection and wireless; bathroom and shower facilities; kitchen and meeting areas and air conditioning. Anyone interested should email to arrange a visit.


  1. Dan Ilic
    19 Sep 12
    11:55 am

  2. Hello neighbour…. we have sugar if ever you need a cup

  3. Colin Delaney
    19 Sep 12
    12:03 pm

  4. Hi Dan,

    Actually we have a sound proof studio, we have a lovely kitchen, we have locks on our toilets. These are all new things, but we still have no sugar. I had Tim fetch me a couple of extra sugar sachets from the cafe. I believe it’s since been added to the shopping list, below ‘on-air light’. But thanks kindly for the offer.


  5. Adam
    19 Sep 12
    12:04 pm

  6. But you can’t make money with an online newspaper. Especially a B2B one servicing a niche market such as advertising.

  7. Fleur
    19 Sep 12
    12:49 pm

  8. Congrats Mumbrellla and Camille. You will be missed at Launch! Looking forward to your new initiatives.

  9. Bazza
    19 Sep 12
    1:14 pm

  10. Yes Adam, it looks like they’re doing it really tough.

  11. Anonymous
    19 Sep 12
    3:33 pm

  12. That’s why empty desks are for rent Adam!

  13. Alice
    20 Sep 12
    3:00 am

  14. Looks spiffy guys! Congrats!