My Kitchen Rules rates 1.8m, The Block with 1.2m

My Kitchen Rules rates 1.38m

My Kitchen Rules remains the most successful show of the year with 1.803 million capital city viewers tuning in last night.

It has become the Groundhog Day ratings story of the year, topping the table every night it airs and propelling Seven to yet another nightly win.

The Block: All Stars has begun to stalk it, however, with 1.226 million viewers to run second for the night – but down from the 1.4 million plus who watched it on Sunday night when MKR doesn’t air.

News, public affairs, Home and Away, Last Resort and QI polished off the rest of the top 10, while Ten’s Mr and Mrs Murder came in at 14th with 606,000 viewers, according to preliminary OzTam data.

But the Ten dramady it was number two in the below-50 year old demographic in its 8.30pm timeslot, a performance Ten was happy with.

Seven won the night with a 29 per cent audience share, ahead of Nine’s 19.9 per cent, ABC1’s 12.8 per cent, Ten’s 12.5 per cent – again fourth – and SBS One’s 3.7 per cent.


  1. Harry
    14 Mar 13
    10:52 am

  2. When you look at the ratings you find that Mr & Mrs Murder only just beat The Agony of Life on ABC, an Australian “celebrity” talk show made for a fraction of the Murder budget. If I was Ten I would ditch the drama and entice the Agony team to make the same show with them, casting a slightly younger team of participants. Then move on to developing another drama to replace Murder which actually had some substance and opportunity to develop into multiple series. Ten may be putting on a brave face but sorry guys the basic premise for Mr & Mrs Murder is flimsy and even with a very good director as was the case last night this show remains a bucket without a mop.

  3. franca debois
    14 Mar 13
    11:21 am

  4. Angela and Melina are cultured ladies. Pity they’ve been exposed to gutter rats such as Ashlee and Sophia who belong where they come from – Cambodia. Australia is too disciplined for the likes of Ashlee and Sophia.

    14 Mar 13
    1:50 pm

  6. I love watching My Kitchen Rules, but if those ASIAN girls do not stopSPEAKING so bad of others. I and seven of my friends who meet every night to watch the show will be changing channels.THEY ARE RUDE , HAVE NO PERSONALITY AND VERY LITTLE BRAINS. —-SO THEY CAN POACH A FISH, OR COOK WHITE RICE BIG DEAL .!……

  7. Bustin Jeibers
    14 Mar 13
    2:39 pm

  8. Ariete nobody watches reality TV to see sixteen people get along swimmingly.

  9. Chris
    14 Mar 13
    2:55 pm

  10. Hasnt anyone heard of clever editing? Doesnt anyone know that it takes 12 hours or so to film one ep and it gets cut down to an hour or so? Come no guys dont polarise people. so first it was Indians that were rude, then the Asian girls, then the Italians. Only the Anglos are so perfect??? Can they cook??

  11. Lana
    14 Mar 13
    5:41 pm

  12. You and seven of your friends… Don’t you have anything better to do? Shocked!!!

  13. Harry
    14 Mar 13
    8:20 pm

  14. Lana-???

  15. Gwen
    14 Mar 13
    8:45 pm

  16. Why is Chanel seven allowing the bad manners and ruddiness of two teenage girls towards two mature and cultured Italian ladies, disgraceful, shame on you, I’m switching off.

  17. Anni
    15 Mar 13
    1:49 am

  18. If you are going to hate someone then hate them for their character – but don’t define them by their race. Being rude, mouthy or inconsiderate isn’t a byproduct of being Cambodian or Vietnamese or Italian or anything else – it’s because of the individual. I do think the show is promoting racial steriotypes and hatred with their editing choices, and it is shameful that we as Australians don’t just seem to tolerate it, but actually feed off it.

  19. beth dagan
    15 Mar 13
    3:08 pm

  20. I really enjoy watc hing my kitchen rules, but I do agree Ashlee is a very rude piece of work, I do realize it creates sensationilism, but she seems to go overboard.

  21. Richard Moss
    15 Mar 13
    3:59 pm

  22. When shows like My Kitchen Rules and The Block are topping the bill, then drama production really has hit rock bottom.

    Both MKR and The Block are good television worthy of high praise, but they should not be topping the bill with drama lagging so far behind them.

    Mr and Mrs Murder has had a lot of press and a lot of comment here. This series though not my cup of tea, is absolutely top grade, it is very good television with all the right ingredients for success.

    The great sadness for me, is that the opening credits, beautifully conceived and such an important part of the production, are hurried slightly and the story lines sweep along with such a degree of self interest that they too often leave the audience behind. the scripts need tweaking and the plots need the scissors.

    My only other niggle is the matching of the two leading characters; both are brilliantly cast, but there is an essential relationship that simply isn’t there. A little work-shopping would bring out the magic for them both.