New image emerges of relaunched Sun-Herald’s magazine-style cover

Another dummy cover of the redesigned Sun-Herald has emerged, confirming that Fairfax Media’s Sunday tabloid is planing to ditch news on the front page for a magazine style, image-led approach.

The latest image came in an email to subscribers signed by editor Rick Feneley.

Sun-Heralrd redesignSun Herald coverMumbrella revealed the new look on Tuesday after a brief cover image appeared in the forthcoming TV ad.

The relaunch of the paper – which saw the biggest fall in weekend circulation of any paper in the last set of Audit Bureau of Circulations numbers – takes place this Sunday. In the note to readers Feneley promised:

“Sundays will now feature the best journalism from The Sydney Morning Herald and Sun-Herald newsrooms, as well as from the most trusted papers in the world such as The Guardian and The New York Times.

“You’ll also find a bold new design that’s perfect for a Sunday, combining traditional news pages with the relaxed, easy-reading layout of a magazine.

“We’ve improved our sections to include a sports liftout, a brighter Sunday Life magazine and a new entertainment liftout called Unwind, so you and your family can share The Sun-Herald around.

Other changes include the addition of a Digital Life section in the new Unwind liftout. Fairfax already sues the name Digital Life online. This week, ACP relaunched its PC User magazine as Tech Life, echoing the SBS property of the same name.

The ABC’s Annabel Crabb will be writing a column which will appear on the back page of the Extra section.

Fenely added in his note to subscribers: “It’s bold. It’s new. It’s for your Sunday states of mind.”

An ad campaign – Your Sunday states of mind – to support the relaunch has been created by Whybin\TBWA\Tequila.


  1. Mick
    23 Mar 12
    9:40 am

  2. All they have to do now is get the colour right and print in register and then you would probaly have a decent paper on Sunday.

  3. Andrew Bolt & Gina Rinehart's Love Child
    23 Mar 12
    10:25 am

  4. So Fairfax “sues” the name digital life.

    I can’t wait till dad comes in and fixes the spelling and Mum comes along and shows those pinkos how to sue properly….

  5. Christopher
    23 Mar 12
    2:23 pm

  6. How is putting a big photo on the cover ‘bold’ or ‘new’.

    Does editor, Rick Feneley, really believe that families are going to sit around and share his ‘bold’ and ‘new’ Sunday tabloid vision?

    What sort of family does that? The Addams family?