NewsLifeMedia senior editors depart as Vogue Australia appoints rival title editor

Nicole Sheffield: making changes

In what could prove to be the biggest senior editorial changes in magazine publishing all year, the new boss of News Limited‘s expanded lifestyle publishing Nicole Sheffield has announced the departure of Vogue Australia’s editor-in-chief Kirstie Clements, lifestyle group editor Mark Kelly and editor of home and lifestyle title InsideOut, Richard Waller.

Sheffield is just two months into her role as boss of NewsLifeMedia.

Rival title Harper’s Bazaar editor Edwina McCann is to step into the role of Vogue editor. Clement had held the post for 13 years.

McCann moves to Vogue Australia in July, after three years at ACP Magazines high end fashion title Harper’s Bazaar. Harper’s recently announced its new deputy editor was Georgie McCourt-Abay, who had previously worked at Vogue Australia.

A spokesperson for ACP said in a release that “ACP had begun the search for McCann’s successor and would announce a new editor for the magazine in due course”.

Sheffield said in a release: “Edwina McCann is highly respected in the industry with a strong fashion background and extensive media experience. Vogue is an outstanding brand. Harnessing our multi-platform offering through Vogue Australia, our extensive digital solutions and events will change the style and fashion media landscape in Australia. Our centralised multi-platform approach will create unparalleled editorial and marketing solutions for all Australian women.”


  1. goodone
    16 May 12
    5:15 pm

  2. Hmmm… Nicole, you come here often?

  3. Socially Aware
    16 May 12
    10:51 pm

  4. Edwina McCann was one of ACP’s best Editors, this is a huge loss to Hapers Bazaar and ACP. I think Edwina will be amazing at Vogue and I look forward to her work editorship at Vogue

  5. Fabfour
    17 May 12
    5:32 am

  6. Devil wears Prada …

  7. Andrew Bolt & Gina Rineharts Lovechild
    17 May 12
    11:36 am

  8. I love harnessing my centralised multi platforms.

    She forgot to mention it was an end to end solution as well. Opportunity missed.

    But still as long as its not advertising. It’s a “solution.”

  9. Devil's advocaat
    17 May 12
    12:16 pm

  10. And here it comes….

    Nicole Sheffield from NewsLifeMedia said:

    This month we’re really going to break through the clutter with this magazine and deliver some paradigm-shifting news that, at the end of the day, should capitalize both on our core competencies and on your hunger for change.

    Things at NewsLifeMedia lately have been all-business, all-the-time. So we’ve decided to spin-up a new communications initiative that I’m calling – and this is a real game-changer – Voguewording.

    Our messaging this month is all new and standards-based. It’s a bit of a thought experiment right now, but we’re going to run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it. If we can get buy-in from a majority of our 300,000 key stakeholders then we may just make Voguewording a tentpole of our core messaging strategy and a key differentiator of our value proposition.

    Make no mistake – this is some real blue-sky thinking here. We wanted to keep you in-the-loop so that, moving forward, we’re all singing from the same sheet music.

    We hope to leverage your interest in what’s new at our organization and align that with our propensity to eat our own dog. FOOD! Dog food. Sorry, I’m still getting the hang of this.

    See, that’s an example of what we call “pushing the envelope”. Also “bad business practice.” It’s really just a matter of us honing in on which levers we need to pull to enhance the end user experience, and which levers are really just avenues to fostering user detachment.

    PS Ecosystems. Feedback loops.

  11. mimi
    17 May 12
    1:40 pm

  12. Gosh didn’t know all Australian women needed a “multiplatform editorial and marketing solutions”… that is based on changing the editor of Vogue… a magazine that features $30,000 backpacks (seriously), recommends you “monogram your Louis Vuitton luggage!” and has $1000 shoes in each issue.. Get real. This is a magazine for high end consumers- don’t pretend to be something you are not. It is OK to be Vogue- not Woman’s Day

  13. Michael
    19 May 12
    9:15 pm

  14. Nicole…you go girl.