Now that’s how you do outdoor advertising

Good on the Outdoor Media Association for having a sense of humour – and demonstrating just how interactive and engaging the medium can be.

Outdoor Awards, Mumbrella

Since it launched its call for entries to its outdoor creative awards the OMA’s been making good use of its own medium, first unveiling a tongue-in-cheek billboard with the copy “The Outdoor Awards are Coming”, mimicking the Advanced Medical Institute’s much-complained about ads for the treatment of impotence.

Since then the OMA has put up other billboards, with a decidedly more interactive approach through the use of T-shirt graphics, street graffiti, art photography.

Dr Mumbo does rather like the “I’m with stupid” ad.

Now that’s what you call a Kodak moment.

It follows on from its call for entries last year which was so good you could eat it.


  1. Anonymous
    4 May 10
    12:27 pm

  2. is this for the industry insiders? my bus goes passed these billboards and for the past two weeks, i’ve been clueless about its purpose. or target market.

    i’m not doubting its level of intrigue, but how many of us looked at that thinking, WTF?


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