Oak campaign launches as the milk drink you wouldn’t dare mess with

Parmalat’s Oak milk drink has launched its first ad campaign from Three Drunk Monkeys featuring an aggressive front man explaining the concept of “Hungrythirsty”.

Fabio Buresti, Three Drunk Monkeys strategic planning director, said: “The obvious thing to do with flavoured milk is to play on the nostalgia of the category, but we didn’t think this would get people drinking Oak more often or give us a real point of difference in the market.

Mel Beikoff, senior product manager at Parmalat, says: “The key issue facing Oak is one of consumption frequency – people are only drinking it as an occasional treat. Our strategy is to remove this limitation by repositioning Oak as the only drink that satisfies you when you’re ‘hungrythirsty’. We believe this strategy, combined with Oak’s unapologetic and full-on tone of voice will address our frequency issue.”

Three Drunk Monkeys won the Parmalat flavoured milk brands account in MayAs well as TV, the campaign also features print and point of sale ads.



  • Executive Creative Director: Justin Drape, Scott Nowell
  • Art Director: Matt Heck
  • Copywriter: Damian Fitzgerald, Alex Derwin
  • Agency Producer: Whitney Hawthorn
  • Group Content Director: Dan Beaumont
  • Strategic Planning Director: Fabio Buresti
  • Strategic Planner: Fiona Lake
  • Account Director: Suzy Coman
  • Content Manager: Kate Behne
  • Production Company: Revolver
  • Director: Simon McQuoid
  • Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
  • Producer: Pip Smart
  • Designer: Erwin Santoso


  • Executive Creative Director: Justin Drape/Scott Nowell
  • Art Director: Matt Heck
  • Copywriter: Damian Fitzgerald, Alex Derwin
  • Group Content Director: Dan Beaumont
  • Strategic Planning Director: Fabio Buresti
  • Strategic Planner: Fiona Lake
  • Content Director: Suzy Coman
  • Content Manager: Kate Behne
  • Designer: Erwin Santoso
  • Print Producer: Tom Harrison, Chris Benson
  • Photographer: Andrew Cowen
  • Producer: Samantha Simpson & Adam Watson (SAMIAM)
  • Art Buyer: Alice Quiddington
  • Retoucher: Toby Pike (Toby & Pete)


  1. Glebe2037
    29 Oct 10
    12:14 pm

  2. Hmmm … Arthur Stanley “Neddy” Smith advertising flavoured milk … good to see that the Underbelly effect is not yet passé …

  3. version
    29 Oct 10
    1:38 pm

  4. I like it.

  5. Melbourne
    29 Oct 10
    1:58 pm

  6. That is bloody great. Love it. Always good to see something different.

  7. Anonymous
    29 Oct 10
    2:22 pm

  8. Well done admittedly, but been done so many times before. Johnnie Walker anyone?

  9. Hello Doris
    29 Oct 10
    2:24 pm

  10. Can someone tell me where Oak has gone, it seems to have disapeared from the shops I visit? Why is this? As my morning staple I miss it.

    So to has Moove, but this is less important as this was my school breakfast staple and I have matured a lot since

  11. BK
    29 Oct 10
    2:27 pm

  12. It’s good. Might wear on me a bit over time but doesn’t everything we do?

  13. Lana
    29 Oct 10
    2:36 pm

  14. Fab Ad!!! Great insight

  15. Dave
    29 Oct 10
    2:59 pm

  16. Have to say, I saw this ad the other night and I thought it was ridiculous.

    That said, I’m also not a fan of flavoured milk, so probably not the right target audience……

  17. Goldmember
    29 Oct 10
    3:04 pm

  18. Really well done. Bravo guys !

    Wraps a unique and original consumer benefit, in a really clever execution. And it will move product. Well done Palmalat for the balls.

    Fosters should give you Monkeys a crack at VB !

    “A Hard Earned thirst” with the themesong from the Magnicent 7 (Marlboro Country as well) that gave way to the lame weak propositions of “The Drinking Beer”, then “Real”.

    That last ad with Neil Diamond’s “hello” and guys with “hand cream” and “lycra” would put any masculine man of VB for life.

    But without knowing the background, its hard to know who stuffed that up.

    The 3 Drunk Monkeys seem to understand that Brands need a relevant consumer benefit, not just a funky ad.

  19. Tina
    29 Oct 10
    3:08 pm

  20. Hmmm, noi, I don’t think so

  21. Anonymous
    29 Oct 10
    3:12 pm

  22. I prefer Big M.

  23. Matthew Cheyne
    29 Oct 10
    3:12 pm

  24. Great Ad! It addresses the key factor of frequency of consumption really well. The guy in the commercial though isn’t recognizable in Melbourne so it doesn’t resonate as much as it could have say if they had the b***s to get say Mick Gatto to star in the ad.

  25. Dannyboi
    29 Oct 10
    5:37 pm

  26. Great character/script but let down on two counts:
    1/ hungrythirsty is a generic insight for the category
    2/ the “interchangeability” of the pachshot with half a dozen other blokey flavoured milk brands

  27. Gerry
    29 Oct 10
    9:06 pm

  28. Mild channeling of Sir Ben in Sexy Beast, mibbes?

  29. tweebs
    31 Oct 10
    2:29 pm

  30. I dig this – great sense of attitude, tight enunciation of a consumer need (assuming ‘hungrythirsty’ is evidence-based), etc.

    That said, Dannyboi raises a valid point. What’s with flavoured milk and edgy/blokey/passive-aggressive brand behaviour? I’m half expecting the next campaign to be ‘Moove: Get a dog up ya!’. Seems a pretty conventional territory to play in for the category, though well executed.

  31. gigi
    31 Oct 10
    6:12 pm

  32. my brother and I hate this commercial… never tried the drink so i can’t say anything about that but i just find the whole ‘hungry thirsty’ thing very very annoying

  33. Anonymous
    31 Oct 10
    9:46 pm

  34. (Edited under Mumbrella’s comment moderation policy)

  35. Love the Monkeys
    1 Nov 10
    8:25 am

  36. Another great piece of creative from the Monkeys !!! Love this !

  37. Editor
    1 Nov 10
    10:31 am

  38. Is it me or is the aspect ratio stretched?

  39. Claire
    1 Nov 10
    11:33 am

  40. I didn’t rate it at all… and I love flavoured milk…..

  41. Anonymous
    1 Nov 10
    2:39 pm

  42. Great execution, pity the idea of ‘hungrythirsty’ wasn’t as well thought out.

    ‘Hungrythirsty’ seems a very per functionary repositioning concept away from a treat. You may as well have said “Oak – it’s ok to have it more than occasionally”.

    The lack of depth behind the concept of ‘hungrythirtsy’ makes the whole piece seem very forced. But it looks cool, so who cares, right?

  43. Matt
    2 Nov 10
    7:35 pm

  44. The ad doesn’t do anything for me – what is hungry thirsty – give me moove or Classic any day

  45. Sam I am
    4 Nov 10
    2:25 pm

  46. Find the ad real annoying – can’t bear it – I change the channel when it comes on now.

    But I have to say the it has got Oak milk in my head so maybe it does work.

  47. Mel
    9 Nov 10
    7:31 pm

  48. WORST. AD. EVER!!! I totally agree with Sam above, I need to put my tv in mute or change channels every time this comes on! And it is on SOOOOO often. AARRGHH!!!

  49. jimbo
    9 Nov 10
    10:51 pm

  50. This add does one thing… It makes me want to drink flavoured milk.. unfortunately it is the stupidest most annoying add on TV and each time I see oak milk i think of this add and now go straight for moove or big M or dare.

    well done Oak you just upped the market share of your competition. I wont be touching Oak again for a looooong time.

  51. Claire
    10 Nov 10
    9:27 am

  52. Really? All it makes me want to do is change channels…

  53. Anonymous
    10 Nov 10
    10:06 am

  54. 15 people on the TV credits.


    Good thing they didn’t need a lightbulb changed, everyone would have been busy.

    Who were the caterers, did the ECDs have a Master of Stool, or did they have to do that themselves?

  55. John
    10 Nov 10
    10:32 pm

  56. We love the ad, but can you tell me where was it made?

  57. Herald Sun reader
    10 Nov 10
    10:39 pm

  58. This campaign is tops, I’m not surprised a few marketing types don’t like it.

  59. Anonymous
    11 Nov 10
    8:16 pm

  60. UGGGHH!!! Someone make it stop!!! This ad makes me angrycrazy….. how did this ever make it to air???????

  61. John McKenzie
    11 Nov 10
    9:32 pm

  62. I guess the point of the ad is to gain sales with burn’t out acid heads or the mentally ill — yeah good luck with that!!!!! I’m sure there’r really hanging for their next hit of chocolate fucking milk, but I would have loved to have been at the meeting when you convinced the stupid pricks at Oak that there money would be well spent.

  63. Anonymous
    12 Nov 10
    6:30 pm

  64. very poor and the sooner it is taken from our screens the more intelligent we will be.
    Good marketing for an agency to not get anymore work

  65. eddi
    15 Nov 10
    9:09 am

  66. The billborad on the the M1 freeway near the Westring ring road is dicriminating againg people who are vegan. This is really bad and Vegan is a lifestyle choice a person has made you have no right say its rite or wrong.