Pink Media Group signs Bob Downe to front gay and lesbian campaigns

Camp comedian Bob Downe has been signed by Pink Media Group to front campaigns targeting gays and lesbians.

Downe, real name Mark Trevorrow, has been touring since 1984, and recently appeared on The Circle, The Project and hosted the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardis Gras.

Trevorrow commented: “I look forward to working with organisations that are prepared to have some fun while promoting relevant products or services to the gay and lesbian community.”

Downe joins Pink Media Group’s newly launched Talent Division, which includes drag queens, drag kings, DJ’s and product sampling teams.

Ben Mulcahy, MD of Pink Media Group, added: “Bob is perfect for brands that wish to appeal to the gay & lesbian community with humour and endorsement from a high profile community icon.”


  1. Ricki
    15 May 12
    2:34 pm

  2. Saw Bob Downe in Edinburgh many years ago….still one of the funniest nights I ever had. 5 stars.

  3. Michael
    15 May 12
    3:11 pm

  4. So when Pink Media surveyed a significant cross-section of the gay community about who they’d likely buy products and services from they said Bob Downe? You are kidding me.

  5. Macsmutterings
    15 May 12
    4:23 pm

  6. Ok, I think he is funny, I’ve seen him do stand-up and yes he does make me laugh, but really!? Let’s get a camp guy in to sell to the gays…. Will be interesting to see which brands use him and how, maybe they should use him in an ironic way and target straight consumers instead. Not convinced about this one sorry

  7. JB
    15 May 12
    4:36 pm

  8. One of Australia’s fantastic talents that can really appeal to a wide section of the community, why someone hasn’t used him in some sort of advertising or PR campaign is beyond me, would make a highly engaging brand ambassador. Well done Pink!

  9. Dan
    15 May 12
    4:53 pm

  10. I thought the Pink Media Group pitched themselves as having a true insight into the gay market, not just trotting out all the same out cliches.

  11. Hoin
    15 May 12
    5:03 pm

  12. Erm, did someone say “stereotypes”?

  13. SRH
    15 May 12
    5:54 pm

  14. Hmm, and a fat english chick with a weird hairdo to sell Flybuys has relevance to Australian shoppers as? Scott Cam as the ‘real’ aussie for manly products, dopey blond guy as ‘ninja’ for feminine products. Get real people in advertising, you will use anyone to sell anything.

  15. Cam
    15 May 12
    5:56 pm

  16. Bob Down has great appeal as a brand ambassador – regardless of whether or not he embodies the stereotype (doesn’t his persona touch on irony anyway?).
    He obviously won’t fit with every brand/message, but I’m sure he’ll be a success in targeted markets.

  17. Doug
    15 May 12
    7:57 pm

  18. Did someone actually say that Bob Down is a stereotype… he is a stereotype of a stereotype of a stereotype… that’s the point, isnt it?

  19. Craig
    16 May 12
    4:50 pm

  20. He is a great laugh and most people love the guy. Lighten up people!
    Well done PMG! :-)

  21. Wild Oscar
    16 May 12
    4:55 pm

  22. He might appeal to some but not all.