‘Positively radiant’ school boy in new laundry brand ad

DDB Melbourne has produced a TV ad for the revamp of laundry brand Radiant focusing on the feeling of wearing clean clothes.  

The ad goes to air this Sunday and features a young school boy who has the confidence to sit next to a girl on the bus because his clothes are ‘positively radiant’ – the brand’s new tag line.

Radiant brand manager Shmonie Darmo said: “Using digital animation to turn the young boy’s humble school shirt buttonhole into the moving mouth of a Delta Bluesman, the song I’m a Man perfectly reinforces his journey from boy to manhood, and provides a classic accompaniment to our hero’s walk down the aisle.”

old vs new

She added: “We wanted to break the mould and leave stereotypical laundry imagery behind. The Radiant TVC is based on the emotional result of clean clothes, rather than the rational process of washing them.”

As well as the ad and tag line, the rebrand includes a new logo and product Radiant Gel.


  • Advertising Agency: DBB Melbourne
  • Production Company: 8 Commercials
  • Offline Edit: MRPPP/Michael Hoolihan
  • Online / Animation: Illoura
  • Sound Music: Level 2/Electric Dreams
  • Sound/Engineer: Flagstaff Studios
  • Public Relations: Agent99 PR


  1. MC
    2 Jun 11
    3:56 pm

  2. Muddy Waters and clean shirts.

  3. Tim
    2 Jun 11
    4:55 pm

  4. Your strategy is showing…and I like it!

  5. Troll
    2 Jun 11
    6:01 pm

  6. Love it! You did a good job of ticking the mandatory of the ‘clean white shirt’.

  7. Anon
    3 Jun 11
    1:07 am

  8. @Troll


  9. tabitha
    11 Jun 11
    12:53 pm

  10. I know the boy that sits next to the girl he goes to my school and I’m in the same grade as him his names Hunter.