Qantas: You’re the reason we fly

Qantas has launched a new brand positioning – “You’re the reason we fly” – as the airline sets out on what marketing boss Lewis Pullen today described as “the most multi-channel, multi-dimensional campaigns ever launched in Australia”.

Pullen, Qantas’ executive manager of marketing briefed the airline board on the new brand direction last night and revealed it at a press conference this morning.

Lewis Pullen Craig Davis qantas

Pullen, left, and Mojo chief creative officer Craig Davis with the concept he wrote for Qantas

The new campaign for Qantas will see a Mojo-led project designed to tap into the mass personalisation marketing used by the likes of the Share A Coke campaign and the Bonds Birthday Project.

A Qantas A380 and a Boeing B737 will have the “Spirit of Australia” slogan changed to “Spirt of Australians”. Consumers will be asked to upload their names in the hope of having them appear as one of hundreds emblazoned on the planes. They will also be invited to upload photos of themselves which may be used as part of a mosaic of faces in the end frame of the company’s next TV ad.

A further element of personalisation will see those photos served in personalised online ads. This will be delivered to consumers as they surf major Australian sites including the news Limited, Fairfax and Google networks, thanks to a cookie dropped on their computers. The digital element of the campaign is being carried out by Amnesia Razorfish.

Customers who have the Qantas app open on their smartphones will also be served personalised ads when they pass a number of Adshel digital billboards.

The campaign is aimed at the domestic market. Droga5 was announced as the airline’s global creative lead at the beginning of the month.

I Still Call Australia Home will still be used by Qantas, but mainly in connection with major national events, Pullen said.

Pullen did not disclose the budget of the campaign but said that a significant element would be on Qantas’ own properties including inflight TV and its own website. He said: ‘I would not say paid media is the last resort but we are very sensitive to the spend.”

The campaign kicks off in the weekend press, with the invitation to the public to upload their names and pictures running until July 19. Pullen did not disclose details of the next three phases, although they are labelled “celebrate and Olympics”, “Thank you” which will include a TV ad and “Prove”

Pullen said: “It’s probably one of the most multi-channel, multi-dimensional campaigns ever launched in Australia.”

Press ad for announcement phase:

qantas announce

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Press ad for invitation phase:

qantas invite

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  1. George
    29 Jun 12
    11:37 am

  2. What a waste of money

    Put the customer first and you’ll get somewhere – pull out these ridiculous brand campaigns like people give a f*** and suffer the consequences.

  3. Daniel G
    29 Jun 12
    11:53 am

  4. “*Coles* Birthday Project”? (3rd paragraph) Same amount of letters, it’s just that three of them are wrong…

  5. Paddy Douneen
    29 Jun 12
    11:53 am

  6. I think you mean “Spirit”, not “Spirt” don’t you Tim?

  7. mumbrella
    29 Jun 12
    12:11 pm

  8. Thanks Daniel and Paddy,

    Sorted – I’m on fire this morning…


    Tim – Mumbrella

  9. Mike
    29 Jun 12
    12:22 pm

  10. lol!!!! I like the part of the video 1:20 where it says “A mojo production”…. Talk about honking your own horn! Lol what has this got to do with the consumer?? Bit over the top… Toot toot

  11. Shabbadu
    29 Jun 12
    12:33 pm

  12. Blame the hay, Tim.

  13. Hmmmm...
    29 Jun 12
    1:01 pm

  14. You have to be fucking kidding me.

    Qantas management’s sole trick is stripping back the customer experience, and putting the savings onto the bottom line.

    The Qantas Club used to start serving drinks at noon. Now it’s 2pm. Screwing over the customer to save money.

    They’re reconfiguring their A380’s… putting in more economy seats, and removing bathrooms and snack bars. Screwing over the customer to save money.

    The new 787’s that Qantas are buying are now going straight to Jetstar, and Qantas passengers will be stuck with the ancient and creaky 767’s for years yet. Screwing over the customer to save money.

    I could go on.

    These guys are committing the fatal, idiotic mistake of saying one thing and doing the complete opposite.

  15. really?!
    29 Jun 12
    2:14 pm

  16. It tough to be constructive when a company that turns over so much cash produces absolutely rubbish like this… I honestly thought it was a piss-take. I’d be curious to know the budget on this as it looks really really cheap. Why on earth did Mojo put their name on the end of this?!! Embarrassing for all involved you’d have to say.

  17. Notmyrealname
    29 Jun 12
    2:22 pm

  18. Quite a shift from regarding their economy passengers as “self loading cargo”. I’m flying with them next week. ‘can’t wait to experience the difference!

  19. Blame shifter
    29 Jun 12
    2:29 pm

  20. Great platform…

    You’re the reason we’re late
    You’re the reason you’re stranded


  21. Groucho
    29 Jun 12
    2:29 pm

  22. “…………………..with the concept he wrote for Qantas.”

    What concept? There is no idea here, just an empty set of words.

    It might be the “most multi-channel, most multi-dimensional campaign ever launched In Australia’ but it is still mindless crap. Multi crap.

  23. Beery
    29 Jun 12
    2:34 pm

  24. What Hmmmm… said less the expletive. Add to that cutting back transit destinations in Asia apart from Singapore doesnt help either. Plus, they are so expensive – example – I really wanted to fly QANTAS to Europe recently, but alas, their schedules were useless and their prices for cattle class about $800 higher than an international competitor (who they are worried about in potentially buying a bigger share in their domestic competitor).

    QANTAS – think cause & effect for Australian’s flying on other airlines where the service is just as good and much cheaper. If only their agency would point it out! Love to see some cultural change and customer-centric focus, then it might be half believable.

  25. Louie the Fly
    29 Jun 12
    2:48 pm

  26. It’s a Corporate video isn’t it? – At best it gets an elephant stamp; sorry [name deleted], ‘must try harder’

  27. Claig
    29 Jun 12
    2:51 pm

  28. F*ck off Gloucho!

  29. Branson
    29 Jun 12
    2:54 pm

  30. Typical, cynical ad land comments as usual, get of your high horse and accept the fact that the punters will love it.
    P.s. Nice art direction

  31. Jane
    29 Jun 12
    2:57 pm

  32. I agree with Beery, too expensive!

  33. I bothered trying it out
    29 Jun 12
    3:41 pm

  34. Looks like none of the lazy people above have actually dug deeper and tried the site which is at (Mumbrella you could at least put clear links in to save me scouring through the videos and small print).

    Name on a plane… fine but not exactly original… BUT the personalised banners are really good idea which I haven’t seen done before. I entered and it works on the site above but how the hell will that work technically across other sites? Is that even possible?

    I will actually take my hat off to Mojo and Amnesia if I see my name and photo in a banner on front page of the SMH (which is what they are indicating it will do).

  35. Passenger 57
    29 Jun 12
    4:07 pm

  36. KLM did it slightly better – and in a unique Dutch way. People could create a delft blue tile of their profile pic and these tiles were used to cover the plane. Case study from DDB is here

  37. Fergus
    29 Jun 12
    4:28 pm

  38. Brilliant idea for QF…matchless point of difference.

  39. Gold member
    29 Jun 12
    4:28 pm

  40. Yeessshhh de Dutch!

  41. Too Much Spirits
    29 Jun 12
    5:24 pm

  42. Brilliant, just add the ‘ns’. You’re the reason we flail.

  43. Veteran Qantas FF
    1 Jul 12
    7:56 am

  44. They are so off the mark this is almost funny.

    Your staff hate you, your customers don’t trust you. Your planes rarely run to schedule. Why on earth would I allow you my name and image to endorse your brand while you are such a mess?

    I’ve been a QFF for 23 years (when it was Aus Airline’s Flight Deck). Now that I have clicked over to Gold for the last time, I intend using my bank of points and Gold status this year for earned flights only.

    This is as off the mark as #qantasluxury. You have chipped away steadily at your customers and staff for years (agree with @Hmmmm…) and at best this sort of thing is simply putting wallpaper over rising damp.

  45. Nobody noticed this yet?
    3 Jul 12
    9:39 am

  46. “There is no You in QANTAS”

  47. Memories
    3 Jul 12
    10:45 am

  48. We put the you in Qantas was a campaign that went nowhere years ago

  49. When to brand
    3 Jul 12
    10:47 am

  50. I agree with H’mmmm (comment 7):

    It is like Vodafone branding everywhere you looked when the last ashes test was on, however not being able to provide a signal on their network…

    Companies need to realise that a great product and a fantastic service = loyal punters(.) Especially in this social driven world where recommendations are passed on to thousands as opposed to a few.

    Sort your product and service out QANTAS and then start harping on about how good it is and encouraging your happy punters to be a part of your brand.

    You are doing this in the wrong order!

    @Nobody noticed = excellent!!!!!!! :)