Quit Victoria targets smokers who disguise gory health warnings on new cigarette packets

Anti-smoking group Quit Victoria has launched a campaign to challenge smokers who cover up the graphic new health warnings on cigarette packets.

The ‘No more hiding’ campaign – which centres on the website NoMoreHiding.com.au – depicts the various ways smokers try to avoid looking at the gory images on the new plain packaged cigarette packets. These tricks were sourced from comments made by smokers in social media.

The campaign encourages smokers to discuss this behaviour on Twitter with the hashtag #plainpackaging.

The agency behind the campaign was Igloo, which created the campaign in one week. Igloo’s creative director Tony Prysten said: “From opportunity to online in less than a week, we were able to create a campaign highly targeted to smokers that asks them to think about what they’re really hiding from when covering up graphic images.”

Executive director of Quit Victoria Fiona Sharkie said that plain packaging was already having an effect on smokers, with many more now wanting to give up.

“Although plain packaging is intended to reduce the uptake of smoking by young people, many smokers are experiencing a renewed urge to quit which is a great bonus,” she said.

Production credits

Client – Quit Victoria
Agency – Igloo Digital
Executive Creative Director – Tony Prysten
Creative Direction – Tony Prysten, Peter Costello
Copy – Tony Prysten, Andrew Tanner, Peter Costello
Art Direction – Peter Costello
Executive Producer – Mathew Anastasi
Animation – Danny Masalkovski


  1. paul the freelance writer
    19 Dec 12
    10:31 am

  2. I don’t see Dr. Brodsky credited in that list.

  3. Cory
    19 Dec 12
    2:24 pm

  4. Are the little messages meant to be hidden to reinforce the marketing angle? I almost missed the little tweets the first time round.

  5. Jesse Kaellis
    19 Dec 12
    3:11 pm

  6. If I smoked I’d just poke my eyes out and that would take care of that. What difference does it make? I might as well be blind, I’m probably going to get eye cancer anyway. Why don’t you put pictures of meth heads in public transit. Sores, rotten teeth, look like they’re twice their age, skeletal. I got a lot of good ideas, just listen to me. I’m Canadian. Kind of like an Australian but much more bland and indistinct.

  7. Jesse Kaellis
    19 Dec 12
    3:14 pm

  8. Look, if you don’t want people to smoke just cut them off of health services. Wouldn’t that be ironic. You have tobacco related illnesses, TOO BAD!

  9. Mike
    19 Dec 12
    3:55 pm

  10. Oh, well done.
    Now take all instances of the word “smokers” and replace with the word “Jews”, or “Chinese” and now see how much empathy these zealots really have.

    Smokers are addicts in need of support, not public humiliation or lynching.

    The grand old tradition of persecuting minorities under the guise of a ‘greater good’ lives on. The only difference is these persecutors don’t wear the snappy uniforms.

  11. Peter Costello
    22 Dec 12
    8:28 pm

  12. @ Mike, Wow!

  13. Paul
    24 Dec 12
    10:06 am

  14. Jesse Kaellis “if you don’t want people to smoke just cut them off of health services”, :
    Smoking-related cancer is 3x more prevalent in Aboriginal communities than the rest of the population, what do you think would happen if they were denied health services.
    Would you take away the state & federal taxes that are imposed on tobacco to fund health services?

  15. Jesse Kaellis
    24 Dec 12
    11:00 pm

  16. That’s a poor analogy Mike ( I mean stupid) because smoking is voluntary and being a Jew (I am) or Chinese (I am not) is not voluntary. I quit smoking and so have millions of other people.
    @Paul – what would happen if aboriginals were denied health services? I don’t know, maybe they would start a rain dance or something. Do I have to know everything? I don’t and I don’t care. Would I take away state and federal taxes on tobacco to fund health care? I would make a troll tax and name it the Paul tax.

  17. Craig
    25 Dec 12
    9:07 am

  18. Max, as a Jewish person (by birth not belief) I don’t agree with your comparison at all.

    I don’t ge to choose my heritage – nor the treatment I receive for it – unlike a smoker who chooses to take up and continue their actions. Whether addicted or not, there’s a multitude of support services, tools and incentives for smokers to help them quit.

    In comparison while I may be able to hide my heritage (not that I need or want to, nor should I have to), nothing can change it or remove me from the firing line.

    Max, I don’t know if you are from a group who experiences regular attacks or discrimination on the basis of who you are (such as myself), compared to the choices you make, however it looks like you’re simply another dumb white racist raised with a superiority complex and no empathy who really doesn’t understand the distinction between the two.

    I wish you improved understanding and empathy for the New Year and enjoy your Christmas and Hannukkah – hopefully smoke free!

  19. V
    26 Dec 12
    8:27 am

  20. Funny how the video didn’t show cigarette cases, an elegant solution many smokers use. QuitVic not wanting to give ideas, eh?