RaboDirect’s greedy banker returns for more dream stealing


"I'm rekindling your relationship"

RaboDirect has unveiled a third instalment in its “stealing your dreams” campaign.

The ad once again features Simon Westaway, the actor who played Mick Gatto in Underbelly, as the greedy banker enjoying the experiences that should rightfully belong to the consumer.

The campaign has been created by Whybin\TBWA Group.

The ad, which focuses on RaboDirect’s term deposit products, was directed by Fiona McGee and produced by Good Oil Films.

According to RaboDirect, the campaign has made a significant contribution to the brand’s awareness levels. Dan Lacaze, group head at Whybin\TBWA Group said: “This campaign has been incredibly successfully for RaboDirect, winning a Gold Effie last year and being short listed again this year. It made complete sense for us to continue with the Greedy Banker.”


  • Client: RaboDirect
  • Director: Fiona McGee
  • Production: Good Oil Films
  • Creative Group Head: Peter Galmes
  • Creative Group Head: John McKelvey
  • Broadcast Producer: Kristy Fransen
  • Group Head: Daniel Lacaze
  • Account Director: Kate Nicoli
  • Campaign Manager: Franzi Pranke


  1. the public
    25 Jun 12
    1:26 pm

  2. I love these ads. Welcome back! I just wish they included the creepy guy in the end shot, like they did when the first series of TV ads rolled out.

  3. Great campaign
    25 Jun 12
    1:46 pm

  4. Whybins on fire

  5. MissingSomething
    25 Jun 12
    2:24 pm

  6. Its missing something… no where near as good as the first.
    The first series we’re great because they placed the Bank Manager into ridiculous scenarios;
    “I’m wearing your jacket, and I dont even like it…”
    “I’m taking your spanish class in Buenos Aires”
    They addressed a wide variety of small to large dreams that people could have.
    This 3rd installment revolves around one holiday… could have been a little more creative to lift the bar, the kids in Perth visit Bali every second weekend. just sayin.

  7. Makes Sense
    25 Jun 12
    4:10 pm

  8. Nice spot … quirky humour is back! Simon really on a winner.

  9. Rekindling
    25 Jun 12
    6:19 pm

  10. Do you think it’s a pointed line from the Greedy Banker ‘rekindling your relationship’? Big banks always claim to be putting the customer relationship first but we all know big business put outrageous profits first. Stroke of genius if intended … funny either way!

  11. I McHunt
    26 Jun 12
    1:13 pm

  12. does he work for rabodirect? when is he going to get it on with the horrible woman who works at the other bank?