Radio ratings – Melbourne: Triple M breakfast reclaims FM breakfast crown from Mix101.1

Melbourne total people share Mon-Sun. Source: GfK (click to enlarge)

Melbourne total people share Mon-Sun. Source: GfK (click to enlarge)

Triple M’s breakfast team of Eddie McGuire, Mick Molloy and Luke Darcy has reclaimed the FM breakfast crown in Melbourne after losing it to Mix101.1’s Breakfast with Chrissie and Jane in the last ratings period.

The Triple M breakfast show had an audience share of 8.5 per cent, an increase of 1.4 share points, while its closest rival Mix101.1 had a share of 7.3 per cent, posting a decline of 0.2 share points, according to numbers from GfK.

FoxFM’s breakfast duo of Fifi Box and Dave Thornton posted their first audience increase for the year. The show took an audience share of 7 per cent, up by 0.4 share points from the last ratings period.

Overall, the Australian Radio Network’s Gold tied as most popular FM station alongside Triple M. Gold’s audience share declined by 0.3 share points to a share of 7.6 per cent while Triple M boosted its share by 0.9 share points.

Southern Cross Austero’s FoxFM was the next most listened to Melbourne FM station with an audience share of 7.2 per cent up from last ratings period share of 6.9 per cent. Mix101.1 remained static sitting on its share of 7.1 per cent while Nova 100 and smoothfm 91.5 both declined by 0.2 share points to sit on an audience share of 6.7 per cent.

The Monday to Friday data pushes Gold into second place with Triple M having an audience share of 7.9 per cent compared to Gold’s share of 7.7 per cent.  It also separates Nova and smoothfm with Nova having a slightly higher audience share of 6.8 per cent while smoothfm had a share of 6.6 per cent.

In drive, Nova Entertainment’s national syndicated program with Kate, Tim and Marty continues to hold onto its FM ratings crown after boosting its share by 0.9 share points to 9.4 per cent.

Its closest rival, FoxFM’s drive show with Dan and Maz also boosted its share which was up by 0.7 share points to sit at 8.9 per cent.

Melbourne radio ratings: Mon-Fri share and Breakfast (click to enlarge)

Melbourne radio ratings: Mon-Fri share and Breakfast (click to enlarge)

Fellow Southern Cross Austero network Triple M saw its drive time lineup, which includes Rush Hour from 3 to 5pm and The One Percenters with Matt Tilley and Joe Hildebrand from 4 to 6pm, boost its share by 0.3 share points to 7.6 per cent.

Mix101.1′s national syndicated show with Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross saw its audience decline slightly by 0.3 share points to sit on a share of 7.2 per cent.

In the AM market, the fight between 3AW and ABC774 saw the ABC station take the top position overall, having been pushed from the top of the ladder in the last ratings period. ABC774 had an audience share of 13.1 per cent with 3AW not too far behind with an audience share of 12.8 per cent.

ABC774 also took the AM breakfast ratings crown with a share of 17.2 per cent for red Symons with 3AW’s Ross and John pushed into second place with a share of 16.6 per cent.

In the drive timeslot, ABC774 continued to beat 3AW with an audience share of 10.6 per cent compared to 3AW’s share of 10.3 per cent.

Miranda Ward


  1. Frank
    8 Jul 14
    10:41 am

  2. Why the fascination with FM stations when clearly the top two stations are AM? 3AW is the number one commercial station by a country mile, but hardly gets a mention?

  3. JR
    8 Jul 14
    11:51 am

  4. Awesome result for ABC 774

  5. Peter
    8 Jul 14
    1:13 pm

  6. The real story of this survey is that for the first time in a life time 3AW are not market leader in any session ( Mon~ Friday ) and that the ABC are
    In addition I cannot recall 3AW’s breakfast not being # 1

  7. Hilary
    8 Jul 14
    1:21 pm

  8. If anyone listens to 3AW breakfast you will know why. I dont know why those two have been top breakfast team for so long. they have to get the listeners to ring in at 5.45am to educate them. They dont seem to know anything and harp on the same topic day after day. Also Peter Maher who is filling in seems to be very sexist. Salivating at the sight of women and saying on air how sexy the women are etc., talking about their bodies etc.

  9. Brett
    8 Jul 14
    1:34 pm

  10. The headline for this article should be “3AW misses the ton – loses #1 position after 99 consecutive wins”
    That’s an amazing record run that has come to a end..
    Who gives a monkey’s about the paltry FM ratings by comparison?

  11. Ricky Now
    8 Jul 14
    1:53 pm

  12. The reason no one cares about AM or their results is because of the demographic of people that listen to them. Would have thought people who frequent a site primarily catered towards the advertising industry would have figured that one out….

  13. offalspokesperson
    8 Jul 14
    2:12 pm

  14. Not living in Melbourne and then seeing the numbers of AM vs FM, i can only agree with the others here asking why the story?

    And having a go at the demographics of the big AM stations is now a bit dated, the old folks are just about the only ones left with any cash to spend.

    Once our thieving bastard governments cut more from youth and increase their debt… the only disposable income will be in the pockets and purses of the over 60s.

  15. Frank
    8 Jul 14
    3:11 pm

  16. Hey Ricky Now,

    So let me get this straight, you are saying nobody cares about the demo reached by AM stations? Look at the latest survey results, 3AW are the number one commercial station in every demo PPL40+. Are you saying advertisers care about nobody aged 40+? Gee I hope you do not work in an advertising agency, as last time I checked brands in Australia loved targeting people in their 40’s. I understand AM stations reach a lot of 65+ people, but take a second to look at people 40-54 and you will see 3AW is number 1.

    Ricky Now, I thought because you frequent a website catered for the advertising industry, would would have figured that one out yourself…….but hey, maybe the only people who spend money in this country are all aged under 40? MAYBE NOT

  17. Jackie
    8 Jul 14
    3:54 pm

  18. Frank,

    From a reach perspective 3AW struggle it is there high TSL number that gives them a 40-54 figure. For example 40-54, Gold has 270 000 listeners to 3AW 157, in fact every FM station has more listeners than them in this demo.

    Gold also has just as many listeners as them 55-64. AW don’t start to dominate from a cume perspective until after 65+.

    I think the reason the focus is on FM is because there are 6 FM stations competing for audience to the AM band that has really 1 commercial player and the ABC.

    Kind of running a race against….no one.

    I would love to cut and paste your last paragraph but I try not to be a c&*k

  19. Frank
    8 Jul 14
    4:18 pm

  20. So TSL means nothing to advertisers?

  21. Bruce
    8 Jul 14
    11:55 pm

  22. What I find interesting is the massive shift from the days when music stations dominated the market to the present situation where talk is ahead by a country mile. How come ? I’m guessing that the decline of music radio could, possibly, have something to do with the fact that so much digital / downloadable music content is now available. Also, you have to wonder how much longer Magic – the last remaining AM music station – can continue limping along. I assume that they are able to survive because of the tie – up with 3AW. Perhaps, the sales reps at AW do some sort of ” two for one” deal with their advertisers. As I understand most of the old AM music stations have long gone in the US ?. A lot of the easy listening stations just run music tapes with no announcers.

  23. paul
    10 Jul 14
    2:39 am

  24. Ah cume is obsolete when it comes to advertising. The only way you can reach the 270,000 listeners on gold is essentially placing an ad every 15 minutes…which is cost prohibitive. The beauty of a high TSL is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to reach your audience – any station with a high cume / low TSL audience you need to buy more spots to reach a significant number.

    Always focus on the average audience as it’s a truer indication of what you are actually purchasing as an advertiser