Robbie Williams and Jamie Oliver star in Nikon ‘I am’ campaign

A brand campaign for Nikon has launched to promote the Japanese camera maker’s full product range. The TV spot, created by German agency Jung von Matt and adapted locally by Sydney-based Studio Woo, stars Robbie Williams, Jamie Oliver and photographer Vincent Munier.

The campaign aims to better connect with Australian consumers, according to Nick Segger, senior marketing manager at Nikon Australia.

“The intention of the campaign is to allow casual holidaymakers, parents, party goers, and anyone else who loves taking photos or movies to feel the excitement of capturing that special moment using a Nikon Coolpix or DSLR camera,” he said.

The campaign will run on TV, cinema, online, out of home, print and point of sale. A redesigned Nikon website is also part of the push.


  • Creative agency: Jung von Matt
  • Local adaptation: Studio Woo
  • Creative Director (Studio Woo): Justin Woo
  • Associate creative director (Studio Woo): Therese Leuver
  • Managing director (Studio Woo): Glen Fraser
  • Senior account manager (Studio Woo): Hannah Maynard
  • Art director/editor (Studio Woo): Ben Croft
  • Digital: Apparent
  • Media planning & buying: MPG
  • Digital media: Media Contacts


  1. andy
    24 Mar 11
    4:12 pm

  2. two thumbs up

  3. macsmutterings
    24 Mar 11
    4:39 pm

  4. Love it, but the colour scheme and graphic of the I AM inserts make me think it could be an ad for National Geographic…

  5. fabfour
    24 Mar 11
    4:40 pm

  6. beautiful work

  7. Anonymous
    24 Mar 11
    4:42 pm


  9. SexyNinjaMonkey
    24 Mar 11
    4:52 pm

  10. That dude running for the twister… Epic!!

  11. Nic Halley
    24 Mar 11
    6:34 pm

  12. great emotive ad.

    & agree with @macsmutterings, its a pity graphic is a bit Nat Geo

  13. @handypearce
    24 Mar 11
    8:02 pm

  14. LOVE it.

    (funny how there is always someone from the anonymous family slagging off whatever work is posted. Bored of those twats)

  15. Sam
    24 Mar 11
    8:22 pm

  16. I am cheated.
    They use pro video cameras to shoot video pretending it was taken with their still cameras.

  17. jean cave
    24 Mar 11
    8:59 pm

  18. The cake bit connected with me.

  19. A
    25 Mar 11
    9:46 am

  20. Seeing work like this reminds why I am in advertising. Beautiful piece of work, excellent imagery, colour and sound. I now want a Nikon camera although I think digital cameras are the hardest things to work and I am a crap photographer. But I still want one. Two thumbs up, Ebert and Roeper.

  21. shutter man
    25 Mar 11
    9:46 am

  22. Many moons ago,at DDB, Garry Horner created a great campaign for Nikon. It was simply NIKONOGRAPHY. The Australian Nikon people rejected it, only for Nikon to run it elsewhere. Whilst I quite like I AM as an ad campaign, it’s not in the same league as NIKONOGRAPHY as a brand property. But if they put the two thoughts together and ended up with – I AM NIKONOGRAPHY – Nikon would have a great campaign that only they could own.

  23. Linda
    25 Mar 11
    10:09 am

  24. Fantastic use of emotion and celebrity endorsers. Although I think the world of EOS is a clever concept.

  25. The Internetz
    25 Mar 11
    5:59 pm

  26. Love love love it. Was it shot on a Nikon?

  27. Nicole
    28 Mar 11
    3:35 pm

  28. I think this is beautiful. Watched all the way to the end.
    Especially love how the kid was in heaven and the dad was in hell.
    Nicely way to portray how things are experienced, and remembered
    differently for everyone