Sarah Wilson ends Sunday Life column

Sarah WilsonJournalist Sarah Wilson’s column in Fairfax Media’s Sunday Life will halt at the end of this year, Mumbrella can reveal.

Wilson will concentrate her output on ebooks, her own website and TV projects. It comes as the magazine – inserted with Fairfax’s Sunday papers in Sydney and Melbourne – goes through upheavals including the departure of editor Sarah Oakes to front an online project, and speculation that fellow columnist Mia Freedman may also be about to move on.

Wilson, a former editor of Cosmopolitan, launched her TV career hosting the first series of Masterchef before becoming one of the faces of subscription TV channel Lifestyle You.

She recently began selling her first ebook, I Quit Sugar. She told Mumbrella: “I’ve earned more in the first six weeks of having it on sale than I did in a year of Sunday Life columns. I’m in the process of developing more ebooks.”

Wilson’s Sunday Life column began about two years ago. She said: “The new year is a good time to make a fresh start. I’ve been told that it takes you the first year of writing a column to find your feet and the second to find your voice.

“Online gives you the opportunity to have the most direct voice with your readers.”

Wilson discusses her portfolio career in a video interview with Mumbrella last year:


  1. OtherAndrew
    12 Dec 11
    2:29 pm

  2. Forget about the article, I just spent 5 minutes p*ssing myself over the ad which appeared below it in the e-newsletter it was featured in. For those who missed it, the ad read ‘Nobody reads long copy ads anymore, except people in advertising.’

    Being a copywriter, I was hooked… when I clicked through, I was rewarded with this piece of utter genius:

    Do yourself a favour and read it, now.

  3. Brett
    12 Dec 11
    2:39 pm

  4. Have to admit I actually didn’t mind her column but am not surprised it’s coming to an end. It was a good idea for the mag’s editors to try something different from the usual style of opinion column in getting her to instead focus on self-help, new-age style issues but it was always a concept that had a short shelf life. There are only so many “happiness gurus” a writer can interview…

  5. archie
    12 Dec 11
    3:00 pm

  6. OtherANdrew is correct that ad is pure genius

  7. JH
    12 Dec 11
    3:08 pm

  8. I’ll miss Sarah’s column. I think her writing is excellent; glad there’s plenty more on her website.

  9. Linda
    12 Dec 11
    6:16 pm

  10. Good God I love that ad on OtherAndrew’s comment. Beautiful. I also enjoyed Sarah’s column but good for her for moving on.

  11. Gus
    13 Dec 11
    10:30 am

  12. That other ad/article is gold, lock in the regatta for Feb 29th! Tim it almost deserves it’s own piece dont you think?

    Sounds like Sarah Wilson is focusing her efforts where the audience and the dollars are..actually, hasn’t a spot just opened up on ANTM?

  13. Sarah Wilson
    13 Dec 11
    4:09 pm

  14. ANTM…thanks for the suggestion….but nooooo thanks!