Dr Mumbo wasn’t bowled over by Greenpeace’s iCoal protest against Apple yesterday, where activists turned up outside The Apple Store in Sydney holding some helium balloons.

Meanwhile at the Tate gallery in London, culture jamming was being taken up a notch. Protesting against BP’s sponsorship of the gallery, and marking the one-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion, an activist covered in oil curled up on the floor in the sculpture section of the gallery for 87 minutes — one for every day oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico.


  1. CB
    27 Apr 12
    4:42 pm

  2. Good on her

  3. CB
    27 Apr 12
    4:44 pm

  4. him??

  5. Lucio
    28 Apr 12
    9:28 am

  6. Fantastic

  7. jean cave
    28 Apr 12
    6:42 pm

  8. Bring it on. A very beautiful piece of live sculpture. Deeply impressive. Awesome.

  9. Paula
    1 May 12
    5:10 pm

  10. I was recently in London. While on a tour down the Thames, the tourguide mentioned; “To your left is the Tate National Gallery. It’s free to enter. Once you get inside, you’ll realise why” :)

  11. jean cave
    1 May 12
    7:13 pm

  12. There are two Tates on the river Thames. I have made this mistake myself, when going to see Whistler. Arrived wrongly at Tate Modern, but hey . . I met Peirce Brosnan on the taxi rank.

  13. jean cave
    1 May 12
    7:18 pm

  14. I was going to say. Tate visitor numbers seem unaffected . . the place was heaving. It is such a pleasure to visit Australian Galleries where you don’t have to book a timed ticket to shows which actually get sold out, or wrestle huge crowds for a view.