Stargate Universe takes Sci Fi channel to ratings high

The Australian premiere of Stargate Universe has delivered pay TV network the Sci Fi channel its biggest audience of the year so far.  

It pulled in 149,000 viewers, according to analysis released by industry body ASTRA. It was subscription television’s second most watched show of the week after the Socceroos’ international against Holland.

The show, the latest spin-off of the Stargate franchise, features Trainspotting star Robert Carlyle. In the series, a team of scientists and soldiers find themselves unable to return to Earth.


  1. GTRoberts
    13 Oct 09
    10:01 am

  2. I definitely tuned in to watch it… I hope the plot is not going to be Star Trek:Voyager meets Stargate, although in this case they’ve got (for now) no control over where the ship goes I guess.

  3. Glen
    13 Oct 09
    10:48 am

  4. I watched as well, although the VERY high rates of adds means that I will be not be watching much more if it continues. Liked the show I think, from what I could get from the gaps between adds.

  5. Michael
    13 Oct 09
    3:23 pm

  6. Agree with Glen, the number of ads was a concerning trend. Should be sufficiently different from SG1&SGA to draw its own fan base. As long as the ads numbers drop. Thank God for IQ and fast forward button………….

  7. Elle
    13 Oct 09
    4:09 pm

  8. I loved the show – yes the ads are a problem

  9. Heléna
    13 Oct 09
    10:54 pm

  10. agreed the amount of advertising on during Foxtel shows is mindboggling
    – IQ people IQ! –

  11. Smithee
    14 Oct 09
    8:54 am

  12. Australia has NO LIMIT on the amount of advertising shown in any one hour, only a limit on the total advertising shown in a 24 hour period. From memory stations are allowed up to 8 hours and 10 minutes per day (someone might confirm the exact figure).

    Australian TV is certainly amongst the very worst in the world in terms of program-to-ad ratios.

  13. Sonny
    14 Oct 09
    3:46 pm

  14. I highly endorse this show :)

  15. John Grono
    14 Oct 09
    11:10 pm

  16. Hey Smithee. There are no limits on ad minutes on Subscription TV, just FTA. While the rules are a tad complex it works out at 13 minutes or ads per hour as an average (excluding station idents and promos).

  17. Terry T
    15 Oct 09
    6:36 pm

  18. Grono, you’re a sweety – so fracken predictable – but right of course. Are you a cyclon? Model 13? Does blood run through those hose pipes?