Storm Surfers3D comes off tour into general release

A Big-wave 3D surf film which has been touring across the country will now see a limit general release.

Storm Surfers 3D went into limited released in Queensland and NSW through Event and Hoyts Cinemas yesterday to around 20 screens.

The move to general release comes off the back of a tour of special shows involving Q&A sessions with directors Chris Nelius and Justin McMillan and the film’s stars, big wave surfers Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones.

Distributed by Madman Entertainment, the tour follows a tradition of surf films travelling to beach side towns.

Paul Wiegard, Madman Entertainment’s MD said: “We knew from early on that this film required a touring release. The release roll out harks back to the way classic surf films were released from the back of a van, town to town. Word is now out and running like a grass fire across the country, demanding the expansion of Storm Surfers 3D at sites throughout Australia.”

Screenings will begin in Melbourne starting on 6 September with Hoyts and Village across 15 screens and other states to follow on 20 September.

Storm Surfers 3D will have its International premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and has been nominated for an Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts for best theatrical documentary.

The film is narrated by Toni Collette.


  1. Macsmutterings
    3 Sep 12
    9:58 am

  2. Has anyone seen this yet? I saw a preview for it on the weekend and really want to see it, and I know jack shit about surfing

  3. Glen Bolton
    3 Sep 12
    1:07 pm

  4. amazing experience even if youve never surfed. The feeling that surfers talk about being inside a barreling wave is pretty well replicated on the big screen, sound and all, almost to the point you should wear your wetsuit to the cinema

  5. Jack Dalton
    3 Sep 12
    1:55 pm

  6. Great stuff. Watched it with a packed audience at Cremorne Orpheum. Not a board rider. But the footage is eye-popping and Tom Carroll and his long time big wave surfing buddy Ross Clark-Jones work well as a cheeky double act. Definitely worth the ticket price!!