STVDIO rebrands to Studio to help viewers understand how to pronounce it

SBS-owned arts channel Studio is to drop the “TV” from the centre of its logo because of difficulties in how to pronounce its name.

The channel turned to Ink Project to redesign the original logo, which was created by Frost Design just two years ago.

The rebrand – to make the logo more “accessible” – comes into effect on March 1, when a new website will also be introduced.

SBS spelt the original name with a ‘v’ to bring out the word ‘TV’, but this made the word difficult to pronounce.

In a statement, Studio’s general manager Sandra Bender said:

STVDIO was well received by the trade winning a Promax award in its inaugural year and was revered as original and clever at the time of the launch. As we continue to make the arts an accessible, inspiring, and integral part of every day, it’s important that the brand be equally accessible and inclusive.

At this point, we also need a brand that reflects more than TV and demonstrates how STUDIO works in partnership with the arts industry to produce exclusive local arts content ranging from coverage at the major festivals to full performance features.

Studio’s first major production in March will be the broadcast of its recording of Sydney Festival headliner Meow Meow’s Little Match Girl, on Monday 19 March.


  1. Ken Lambert
    8 Feb 12
    10:36 am

  2. The rebrand, including strategy, creative was actually handled by Ink Project and live action production by Sheepish Lion.

  3. Macsmutterings
    8 Feb 12
    12:57 pm

  4. love this channel

  5. zeffd
    8 Feb 12
    1:04 pm

  6. is it just me or does the thought of people who couldn’t understand the previous creative wanting to watch an arts channel seem slightly ironic?

  7. vince
    8 Feb 12
    2:12 pm

  8. at least it lasted 2 years.

  9. Anonymous
    8 Feb 12
    2:31 pm

  10. Great work Studio!

  11. Anonymous
    8 Feb 12
    3:04 pm

  12. Beautiful spot. Nice rebrand. Simple. Powerful.

  13. Gotcha
    8 Feb 12
    3:05 pm

  14. They could have just changed the font ie. STVDIO

  15. pretty pictures
    8 Feb 12
    4:53 pm

  16. stunning! this channel is the silent achiever of foxtel…love the programming

  17. Buddha
    8 Feb 12
    5:44 pm

  18. Looks like a copy of the Gruen Transfer opener.

  19. David
    9 Feb 12
    10:43 am

  20. I agree with zeffd. I am surprised that if somebody couldn’t work out the pronunciation, they probably didn’t have the mental capcity to use a remote control.

  21. Hoin
    9 Feb 12
    4:21 pm

  22. I suppose BVLGARI will have to change its spelling as well . . .

  23. PS
    10 Feb 12
    2:50 pm

  24. String art? STRING art? Are you kidding me?