Sydney Radio Ratings: Nova overtakes WSFM; Fitzy & Wippa up to second; Alan Jones grows share

Nova has jumped into second place over WSFM in the Sydney FM market in a triumphant round of radio ratings for dmg Radio Australia in the market.


Source: Nielsen

Nova saw its Monday to Sunday share increase to 7.5%, the station’s highest in more than a year.

Meanwhile, ARN’s WSFM fell from 7.5% to 7.2%.

However, Austereo’s 2Day FM remained well in front with a share of 9.1%.

Meanwhile, Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa breakfast show saw its share move up by half a ratings point –  the biggest jump in the FM breakfast battle. Fitzy & Wippa – Ryan Fitzgerald and Michael Wipfli – are now on 6.4%, neck and neck with WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda, who dropped a ratings point, the biggest fall in the timeslot

2Day FM’s Kyle & Jackie O Show has increased the margin of its lead, despite falling by 0.6 to a share of 12.1%.

In further good news for dmg, smoothfm continued its steady progress, up from 4.9% to 5.2%, growing its lead over Austereo’s Triple M. Guy Dobson, head of content at Southern Cross Austereo told Mumbrella: “We had a bad survey last survey. It was a bad legacy going into this one, but we promise an increase next survey.”

In drivetime, Nova also had the biggest FM growth in Sydney with Meshel, Tim & Marty up from 8.4% to 9.1%. The trio narrowed the gap on 2Day FM’s Fifi & Jules, who fell from 11.1% to 10.2%.

Paul Jackson group program director for dmg Radio Australia, told Mumbrella: “The only two stations going up in Sydney are Nova and Smooth. That shows where the momentum is. Smooth in its fourth month has beat heritage stations like Mix and Triple M. And to win in evenings with Smallsy over 2Day is magnificent.”

Nova’s 7pm to midnight share, which includes Smallzy’s Surgery from 7-10pm, rose from 7.4% to 9.6% while 2Day FM’s share remained static at 7.4%.

In AM, Alan Jones’ 2GB breakfast show saw the biggest ratings jump in the timeslot in Sydney’s radio market, according to the latest set of ratings. According to the new numbers from Nielsen, Jones maintained his number one position with a 17.3% audience share, an increase of 0.5 ratings points.

The increase comes a month on from the furore over Jones’ comments about PM Julia Gillard’s father dying of shame. Most of the ratings period – covering July 29 to September 1 and September 16 to October 20 – came before his comments hit the puboic domain on September 30.

ABC 702 had a Monday to Sunday share of 10.6%, down 0.7.

Fairfax Media’s talk station 2UE’s share dropped from 4.9% to 4.5%, its lowest point since relaunching.

Radio Monday-Sunday share

Sydney Monday-Sunday share | Source: Nielsen

radio share and breakfast sydney

Monday-Fri and breakfast share | Source: Nielsen



  1. Leethal
    30 Oct 12
    9:58 am

  2. Well, for all the bitching and moaning about Alan Jones, it appears that it was just feeding the monster… That old saying, “any publicity is good publicity” still holds true.

  3. Ken B
    30 Oct 12
    10:11 am

  4. Well done AJ and the management and sales teams at 2GB, the storm has passed, clients are coming back in droves and the social media ‘haters’ remain INEFFECTIVE.

  5. What a disgrace.
    30 Oct 12
    10:21 am

  6. That is all.

  7. Ann
    30 Oct 12
    11:20 am

  8. I guess 2GB can charge more for ads now, so who is the winner!!

    They must be pretty upset at 2UE.

    Of the major just 2GB and Nova went up. I guess the last ratings period of the year could be a key to see who survives on air in 2013

  9. Singo
    30 Oct 12
    12:45 pm

  10. thanks haters, please maintain the rage

  11. AJones
    30 Oct 12
    1:43 pm

  12. Thanks Singo … will do.

  13. Anonymous
    30 Oct 12
    1:48 pm

  14. I never thought I would say this- but I have just become a Labor voter, I now have nothing in common with Singo, AJ or the fringe whinge.

  15. Tony Anderson
    30 Oct 12
    1:54 pm

  16. I’m not surprised the ratings have gone up given that there are fewer ads and the controversy has given Alan publicity. But I wonder how their finances are going after 82 sponsors have been scared off? The old paradigm of ratings = dollars may not be so clear any more.

  17. Denis
    30 Oct 12
    2:25 pm

  18. People will always make their own choices. That’s called ‘Freedom of Choice’ and no matter how much the rabble maintain their rage, people will continue to do that. And Singo’s laughing. I don’t blame him.

  19. Listener
    30 Oct 12
    2:31 pm

  20. Triple J continues to slide. That station has lost all relevance. The rot set in in the late 90s when so many good announcers and programmes left the station.

  21. Voter
    30 Oct 12
    2:54 pm

  22. @ annonymous . Thats a bit extreme. Dont do it unless you want your great grandkids to pay of the debt.

  23. Richard Moss
    30 Oct 12
    4:47 pm

  24. ….to split the ears of the groundlings, who for the most part are capable of nothing but inexplicable dumb-shows and noise.

    Hamlet 3-2.

    This is all part of the ambivalence of ratings driven media. In the case of Shakespeare’s “periwig pated fellow” at least it was only personal promotion, an actor seeking the limelight (before such a thing existed) and self satisfaction.

    If only we had the real nerve, the guts to produce honestly and artistically, and to build a truly recognisable audience where a company could choose to place advertising , knowing with accuracy that the word would spread in the appropriate circles.

    I don’t know whether it would work or not, but I feel somehow that it would be a brave and laudable battle in which to engage.

  25. Massage the numbers any way you want
    30 Oct 12
    5:08 pm

  26. As commented elsewhere: “Jones is actually down slightly on the same time last year (17.5%). What’s more, in this survey 2GB lost share in every age bracket between 18 and 54. Most of the growth was in the 65+ age group. The station actually *lost* 21,000 listeners in the wealthy 25-54 age group”

    Not a good result for AJ then.

  27. Denis
    30 Oct 12
    5:29 pm

  28. Massage….the numbers are down from last year because radio is generally losing listeners across the board as other media rise in popularity. But please, give your source for all this. Or are you just conveniently juggling figures to try to prove a point?

  29. Richard Moss
    30 Oct 12
    6:31 pm

  30. @Denis

    Why not? Every body, group, corporation, bureau and government department on earth, does just that in one form or another.

    Give me three statisticians on one project, and I will show you three sets of conflicting figures.

  31. Survey Understander
    30 Oct 12
    6:55 pm

  32. Denis, the Nielsen data on CRA’s website, using Sydney People 10+ data for the breakfast slot and comparing Survey 7 2012 to Survey 7 2011, shows:
    * Total Market average audience down -2.4%, and the cumulative audience down -2.2% (i.e. you are right)
    * 2GB average audience down -3.6%, and cumulative audience down -3.7% (i.e. Massage is also right)

    Conclusion: Breakfast radio in Sydney is declining, Jones is declining marginally faster than the market when assessed against the same survey last year.

  33. Rosco
    30 Oct 12
    7:13 pm

  34. Oh how this must hurt all the never-quite-made-its who jumped on the “bash Jones” bandwaggon. Media people are cynical, leftist b’s at the best of times, now they’re can all go and commiserate with the ABC and Fairfax media colleagues who must REALLY be crying tears of blood.

  35. Susie
    30 Oct 12
    9:45 pm

  36. This survey period is from Sep 16 to Oct 20. The previous survey period is Jul 29 to Sep 1.

  37. Les McNamara
    31 Oct 12
    4:31 am

  38. Denis. The source of the words is me, but more importantly, the data is straight out of the Nielson surveys. It’s publicly available data and easy to fact check.

  39. Annabelle Drumm
    31 Oct 12
    6:10 am

  40. I said Alan Jones would get a bigger audience. Didn’t I say that? Why, yes I did

  41. mumbrella
    31 Oct 12
    10:51 am

  42. Hi Susie,

    You’re incorrect. It’s a rolling survey.

    This survey period coves July 29 to September 1 AND September 16 to October 20.

    The previous survey period was June 24 to September 1.

    Details here:


    Tim – Mumbrella

  43. Denis
    31 Oct 12
    12:46 pm

  44. Rosco says exactly what I want to say.

  45. Hold Your Horses
    1 Nov 12
    8:23 am

  46. Tim, you correctly point out that Survey 7 covers 10 weeks of interviewing. The Jones comments first surfaced (as far as I can tell) on Saturday September 29. This means that (assuming each week has the same number of interviews) 70% of the people asked what they listened to, were asked BEFORE the comments surfaced. Who knows whether the Jones ratings went up or down after the comments surfaced? You sure can’t tell from this 10-week survey average.

    So if you all wait until Survey 8, you will get a MUCH better read on the situation as it will have 80% of respondents interviewed prior to the comments surfacing. But how unlike Jones’ supporters to be loose with their interpretation of data.

  47. mumbrella
    1 Nov 12
    8:40 am

  48. I totally agree, HYH.

    A lot of people are getting quite carried away by what the numbers mean.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  49. Hold Your Horses
    1 Nov 12
    9:14 am

  50. If I may have another bite at the cherry Tim.

    Jones’ share moved from 14.2 to 14.5. If we assume a ‘no change’ status for the seven weeks preceding the comments (i.e. averaged a 14.2 share), what would the share need to be for the three weeks after the comments? The answer is a 15.2 share for those three weeks to produce a 14.5 share across the ten weeks.

    Therefore a 15.0 share (all other things being equal) for Survey 8 (two weeks at the old assumed 14.2 share and 8 weeks at the guesstimated 15.2 share) would be a reasonable starting point to confidently say that Jones audience was in no way negatively affected by his comments.