Ten extends F1 broadcast rights to include online, mobile and IPTV

Network Ten has extended its partnership with Formula One Management to exclusively broadcast F1 racing  in Australia, with the deal for the first time including the broadcast of content online, on mobile and IPTV rights.  

The new five-year agreement, which commences in 2011, will run until the end of the 2015 season.

All Formula 1 races throughout the season will be broadcast live on the network’s digital sports channel One, with delayed coverage on its main channel, Ten. Qualifying sessions will be seen on One.

The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix race will also be broadcast live simultaneously on Ten.

One will also feature other motor sports in the new year, including Moto GP, Nascar, the Australian Rally Championship and the ANDRA Pro Series drag racing.


  1. Fitzroyalty
    8 Dec 09
    2:46 pm

  2. Pity they can’t be bothered to buy the rights to the practice sessions too and in 2009 they failed to show every race live on One. Not to mention ruining the excellent BBC coverage with their local moron commenters.

  3. Jeff Gordonite
    8 Dec 09
    3:45 pm

  4. It’s hard to put in words how badly Australian F1 fans have had it with Channel 9 and now 10. Just atrocious. Why can’t we have a guarantee of qualifying and the race live, and the practice sessions online? What’s so hard about that? And a couple of presenters with IQs above 50 who do more than just read F1-Live.com… please??

  5. Fitzroyalty
    8 Dec 09
    6:07 pm

  6. BBC + torrents = better service than what Ten provides :-(

  7. Michael
    8 Dec 09
    11:25 pm

  8. Come on, give them a break, F1 is not a big rating draw card, we have live race and qul, be a little happy ppl!

  9. Philip
    9 Dec 09
    12:43 pm

  10. i’m fairly satisfied with One’s coverage this year. it has been heaps improved since ch9 & 10 days.

  11. Simon
    9 Dec 09
    1:58 pm

  12. I think Ten have done a brilliant job compared with Nine. Having most races either live or starting at around 10pm is much better then the 3am rubbish Nine to serve up.

    F1 on One would have to be thing I’ve enjoyed most about digital TV so far.

  13. Peter H
    9 Dec 09
    4:02 pm

  14. Until they start to actually show the stuff live ALL THE TIME i’ll be sticking to my illegal torrent streams over the net., screw you One & Ten.

  15. Bruce E
    9 Dec 09
    4:31 pm

  16. Compared to the awful job Channel 9 used to give us, Channels 1 & 10 are providing a good F1 experience with live qualy and race. Local commentators are OK, with Cameron providing excellent technical info (after all he is an experinced V8 driver and now has a great interest in F1). Both BBC commentators are very good !

    I’m happy !

  17. Peter H
    10 Dec 09
    2:15 pm

  18. Cameron gets his ‘insider news’ from the same sources everyone else does – autosport, itv-F1, and pitpass.

    They’re watching the same live timing stream most hardcore fans are, but they dont say ‘go here for live timing’. It’s like they want the casual fan to think they’re somehow special.