Ten: We gave it a shot but we have to cancel Everybody Dance Now

Everybody Dance Now Beat The Streets Team JasonTen’s dance competition show Everybody Dance Now has been cancelled after its last ditch reformat failed to bring in a bigger audience on Sunday.

No more episodes will air, with this Sunday’s episode dropped from the schedule.

This Sunday, the show rated just 385,000 down on the previous week’s.

The network has ruled out moving the FremantleMedia-made show to Ten’s digital channel Eleven. It was fronted by Sarah Murdoch and featured Kelly Rowland and Jason Derulo as team captains.

James Warburton, CEO of Ten, said in a statement: “As part of the renewal of Network Ten’s creative content, we are trying new formats and creating more programming options. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the Everybody Dance Now format right. Kelly, Jason and Sarah are fantastic presenters. Their professionalism and commitment to Everybody Dance Now was remarkable, and the many talented dancers on the show were amazing. Although we worked with FremantleMedia to reset the program, clearly it has not struck a chord with viewers.”

The show premiered with 598,000 on Sunday 12 August. It was the only episode to get above 400,000. Monday 13 saw a big drop to 304,000 up against Nine’s resurrection of Big Brother, while Tuesday 14 failed to recover, rating 324,000.

The results prompted Ten to reschedule, with the show due to only air on Sundays. However following last night’s ratings the show has been axed entirely.

Ten’s new Sunday line-up is as follows:
6.00pm – The Project
6.30pm – The Simpsons
7.00pm – Modern Family
8.00pm – Graham Norton Express
8.30pm – NCIS


  1. Daniel
    21 Aug 12
    5:40 pm

  2. DAnce shows are difficult and not many work. Even SO You Think You Can Dance which started strongly petered out in the end after only two seasons. People can relate more to singers and other acts but not so much dancing which is better live than on TV. Also, nobody had any idea what the format was to begin with. They need a proper format structure that is simple and easy for viewers to understand. No matter who hosted the show, it was doomed to fail.

  3. jean cave
    21 Aug 12
    6:49 pm

  4. Long ponderous ‘evening-eater’ programmes are all doomed. Viewers want short ‘in &out’ quality blasts to intersperse between their lives that are being lived.

  5. NL
    21 Aug 12
    7:00 pm

  6. At least they tried something new rather than rehashing an old format :)

  7. Super Sunday
    21 Aug 12
    7:07 pm

  8. So much for “Super Sunday” – maybe we can call it “Super Repeats”

  9. Very Expensive
    21 Aug 12
    7:11 pm

  10. I can’t believe another program has bitten the dust. This must be costing Ten a fortune.

  11. Georgie
    21 Aug 12
    7:31 pm

  12. Whew!! finally

  13. Lucio
    21 Aug 12
    8:28 pm

  14. Unfortunately SM is simply dull on screen. Looks good, but not enough personality to help pull-off a tricky format. Aside from that, the format (like her presenting) was stilted without any vibrance or natural flow. Pity really, as there was some real talent in the contestants.

  15. ben
    21 Aug 12
    10:05 pm

  16. Not surprised. Unoriginal idea, plus they should have learnt from So You Think’.

  17. taylajane
    21 Aug 12
    10:19 pm

  18. The format of the show was disappointing. Letting the audience vote was a terrible idea, because there wasn’t enough of them to get a representative result of what the viewers enjoyed most. From the first episode people seemed to be extremely disappointed watching dancers which they thought good send home, which no reasons other than a bunch of young kids pressing a button.

  19. Peter Petrovski
    21 Aug 12
    11:17 pm

  20. Shame to see a local production get canned, but the format really was questionable.

  21. Rodney A Smith
    22 Aug 12
    12:26 pm

  22. Here’s proof, there is a ‘god’. Sarah Murdoch as presenter had no energy at all.

  23. Dan
    22 Aug 12
    12:50 pm

  24. This show was doomed from the start; ignorant title stolen from a top-charting disco song from the 1980s they thought would be clever; woeful and soulless talent. I agree with other comments here that “dance is dead.” I could have saved Ten the financial loss and embarrassment of this disaster, but they never called!

  25. So you can think outside the box?
    22 Aug 12
    1:27 pm

  26. Dance is dead – RUBBISH.

    They got the formula wrong. Do a search on YouTube for various dance styles… You will see just how popular this is. But what we got here was an immature, family style version of a dance show.

    Needs balls, needs ideas out of the box, needs an addictive component. I am going to call up 10 and give them some ideas one of these days. Can’t believe how bland this version was.

  27. Steph
    22 Aug 12
    2:56 pm

  28. I agree that SM was a terrible host – no energy and she came across as though she was embarrassed to be hosting such a show.

    What made it impossible to watch was the filming. Shots of the contestants and then a sharp quick shot of Jason or Kelly totally stilted the flow and entertainment of the dancer. A total injustice to the talent and frustrating for the view – flick.

  29. Bitter and Twisted
    22 Aug 12
    4:59 pm

  30. Did SM at least announce the right winner this time?

  31. Not surprised
    23 Aug 12
    8:41 am

  32. I think what people wanted to see were the work shops where the judges chose their teams, then go into the duals. When the show started it was like they jumped a whole step. There was too much talking and not enough dancing…. the show seemed to drag on too much. It was a shame because I was excited for the show but lost interest halfway through the first episode.

  33. anthony mackaiser
    28 Aug 12
    3:04 pm

  34. This is what you get when you try and ‘Americanise’ a show. It had absolutely no local flavour. The presenter was boring and inappropriate and the dancing was average. Reality TV is on the wane and viewers who want decent programming with creative and captivating story lines, strong characters and the like will vote with their remotes. A lot of viewers are tired of stale and repetitive formulaic reality garbage.