The 20 ads that sum up Super Bowl 2011

Today marked the Super Bowl. For creative advertising, the half time break is, well, the Super Bowl of advertising.

I’ve pulled out the 20 ads that best sum up this year’s crop.  

(The video player may take a few seconds to appear, so bear with it…)

Most Twitter-melting ad:

Bieber & Ozzy – Best Buy

Ad that makes an ironic reference to advertising:

Chevy / Miss Evelyn

Ad that pays tribute to the 1984 Apple Super Bowl ad:

Motorola – Empower

Least necessary celebrity cameos:

Mercedes – Diddy

Kim Kardashian – Shape Ups

Good idea, well executed:

Carmax – Candy Store

Cutesy ad making the most of a pointless automotive feature

Chevy – Status

Best ad with monkeys

Career Builder – Parking Lot

Best ad making the most of the recession:

Chrysler: Imported from Detroit

Best ad with an intelligent car

Chevy – Tommy

Ads to make you feel nostalgic

Hyundai Anachronistic City

NFL American Family

CarMax – Gas Station

VW – the Force

Best twist

GroupOn – Tibet

Ad where baby becomes a projectile

HomeAway Test baby

Ad with talking baby:

E*Trade – Tailor

CGI disappointments:

Coca Cola – Siege

Kia – Epic Ride

The obligatory Dorito’s Ad

Best Part

(You can see all the ads on AdWeek’s video player.)

Tim Burrowes


  1. Smash
    7 Feb 11
    7:39 pm

  2. HAHA Chevy Tommy ad… classic!

  3. Dan
    7 Feb 11
    8:25 pm

  4. crap is Australian creative when you watch some of these ads. It’s depressing

  5. Dave
    8 Feb 11
    9:30 am

  6. Wow, makes the Aussie ad agencies look like kids in a star wars suit!

  7. version
    8 Feb 11
    1:52 pm

  8. Doritos – Gold!

  9. JustinB
    8 Feb 11
    3:59 pm

  10. Bieber is funny … who knew?

  11. BitchDigital
    8 Feb 11
    4:27 pm

  12. 2 words. Sam Kekovich. Take a good concept and bore the shit out of us with it. It was funny for the first week the first time. Then it became SHIT!!!

  13. Mike
    10 Feb 11
    9:43 am

  14. What makes these ads “best”?



    Educational? (re: Oz ad industry)

    How about a radical measure: whether they either increase sales. Something that won’t be known until much later. Hopefully, the measure that the people who pay for them care most about.

    If an ad doesn’t increase sales, it’s a waste of money. Regardless of funny, engaging, educational, etc.

  15. Bertie
    18 Feb 11
    2:58 pm

  16. I think the Siege is amazing with magic graphics but does it sell coke?
    Would love to see it on a Cinema screen or better bstill turn it into a movie

  17. GreatStrategy
    2 Mar 11
    6:06 pm

  18. lol loved the Doritos and VW ads.