The Block helps Nine to narrow ratings win over Seven

The Block was the most watched non-news show on another poor Thursday night for television.

Last year’s big ratings winner pulled in 1.099m for Nine, helping the network to a narrow audience share victory over Seven.

Nine claimed 23.5% share, compared to Seven’s 21.4%.

The Block won the 7pm time slot, beating Home & Away on Seven, which pulled in 928,000, and The Biggest Loser on Ten, which rated with 609,000.

Nine’s double episode of returning hit The Celebrity Apprentice pulled in 941,000 and 835,000 in the 8pm to 9.30pm slot that ran after The Block.

Seven had the highest ratings show of the night, Seven News taking 1.221m.

Seven’s Sunrise won the battle of breakfast, with a strong audience of 402,000, while Today on Nine rated with 369,000. Ten’s Breakfast took 27,000.

Thursday’s top 15 shows:

1. Seven News Seven 1.221m
2. The Block Nine 1.099m
3. Nine News Nine 1.095m
4. Today Tonight Seven 1.067m
5. A Current Affair Nine 0.980m
6. The Celebrity Apprentice – Boardroom Nine 0.941m
7. Home and Away Seven 0.928m
8. ABC News ABC 0.917m
9. The Celebrity Apprentice – Challenge Nine 0.835m
10. The Footy Show – AFL and NRL Nine 0.750m
11. Ten News Ten 0.725m
12. Grey’s Anatomy Seven 0.648m
13. 7:30 ABC 0.615m
14. The Biggest Loser Ten 0.609m
15. Hot Seat Nine 0.598m

Thursday’s channel share:

Nine: 23.5%
Seven: 21.4%
Ten: 12.4%
ABC1: 10.1%
7TWO 6.0%
SBS1: 5.0%
7mate: 4.3%
GO!: 4.2%
Eleven: 3.4%
Gem: 2.8%
ABC2: 2.4%
One: 2.4%
ABC3: 1.0%
ABC News 24: 0.8%
SBS2: 0.5%


  1. Johnston
    20 Apr 12
    1:01 pm

  2. What happened to Better Homes and Gardens ?

  3. georgie
    20 Apr 12
    1:48 pm

  4. its on thursday. just seems to be the voice will settle in the ratings once the auditions are over. seems a strange show. look at apprentice- down after one night.
    Good to see Sunrise dominating over Today.

  5. Johnston
    20 Apr 12
    2:33 pm

  6. This is Thursday’s ratings and better homes is missing

  7. paul
    20 Apr 12
    3:07 pm

  8. That’s because BEtter Homes and Gardens is on a Friday night and has been for 10 years. Prior to that it was on Tuesdays

  9. Johnston
    20 Apr 12
    3:38 pm

  10. It has been moved to Thur night this year because of live afl and was on last night at 7.30

  11. paul
    20 Apr 12
    3:49 pm

  12. Ah simple explanation… Johnston. It’s on in Sydney and Brisbane tonight as opposed to the live AFL on the main channels.

  13. Johnston
    20 Apr 12
    6:21 pm

  14. Thanks Paul