The glamour of TV

Dr Mumbo salutes the Nine News team in Queensland for this demonstration of just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…


  1. joe
    17 May 10
    12:51 pm

  2. um.

  3. James D
    17 May 10
    1:31 pm

  4. It makes you wonder if bridges are a new invention up here in QLD. A bit depressing really.

  5. Ron Jeremy
    17 May 10
    2:14 pm

  6. People need to get over it.

  7. David
    17 May 10
    2:15 pm

  8. Shame they stopped the traffic.


  9. Chris Walton
    17 May 10
    2:32 pm

  10. Fantastic. They broadcast from a bridge but apparently the story on everyone’s lips is about a girl on a boat. Marvellous.

  11. RPK
    17 May 10
    3:35 pm

  12. In Sydney we close bridges for picnics. In Brisbane you close them for TV news. Uhmm

  13. DTL
    17 May 10
    3:49 pm

  14. I’m a particular fan of the car with the hazard flashers in the background. Very glamorous.

  15. KCMG
    17 May 10
    3:58 pm

  16. Where are the hi-vis vests and hard-hats?

  17. Corey Wright
    17 May 10
    4:37 pm

  18. Another slow news day in Brisbane, almost as slow as the traffic on the M1.

  19. Dave
    18 May 10
    3:40 pm

  20. Capped off by a winner. Came out of ad break into weather…silence. Weatherman staring down the barrel waiting for cue,unaware he was on air. A full 30 seconds of agonising silence. Ouch.

  21. Tony Collis
    19 May 10
    5:38 pm

  22. Yes, in fact. Bridges are a new invention up here is BrisBANAL. That’s why we love having important events on them when they open, important events like TV news broadcasts. I wonder how much they paid to have exclusive use of all 6 lanes?

  23. Scott Pettet
    20 May 10
    11:04 am

  24. Hard to believe that is for real. Totally absurd